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  • Account Names
    Your account name is the name of your character. Account names may include spaces, hyphens, and apostrophes. If you joined before creating your character and enough time has passed, you can change your account name through 'Account Details', available from the dropdown menu when clicking on your username in the top right.

    If you have any difficulties, please submit a Help Desk ticket to request changes to your account name.

    Character Creator
    The draft Character Creator page is in the final stages of development but is available now for new character generation. Submit your thoughts for consideration in the next version here.

    Guide to Character Sheets
    How to create and maintain your character's thread in the Character Sheets forum.

    Welcome Forum
    Post to introduce yourself, ask questions, solicit feedback on your ideas, or just to say hi!

    Join the Telath Discord
    Click the above link to join Telath's Discord server.

    Player's Guide to Moderation
    A basic guide to the types of game threads, how to be a Storyteller, and when and how to ask for moderation.

    Aelyrian Terms
    A list of concepts and words that you may come across in your in-character travels.
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