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Community Standards

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  • As a community, we will always seek to be fully inclusive and exhibit decency and consideration at all levels. Remember that language can be harmful and hurtful no matter of the context or intent. No hate speech or discrimination will be tolerated. This means racist comments, slurs against ethnicities or religious groups, hate speech against sexual orientation or gender identity, and any comments or images that perpetuate discriminatory/racist/ableist stereotypes or groups, particularly groups to which you do not personally belong. We ask all of our community members to use inclusive language for all groups and to avoid discriminatory words or phrases. Practicing inclusivity is a lifelong process, so we ask that if someone takes the time to share and educate how you can do and speak better, you will take the time to listen and learn and be better in return.

    In character roleplaying may contain references to and instances of discriminatory behaviour, we ask that people remain mindful and aware when using such behaviour in character. We never know what the person on the other end of a screen is going through and if certain behaviours make them uncomfortable then we should make accomodations to ensure everyone is having a roleplaying experience that is comfortable.

    If a roleplaying experience is likely to include material that is of a sensitive nature or might make someone uncomfortable, please make sure you receive consent from the people you are roleplaying with. If you are roleplaying and experiencing content you did not consent to and that is making you uncomfortable, please refer to our Safety Tools.

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