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Veleraen, Son of Khreytek

Name: Veleraen, son of Khreytek
Holds the title of Count beholden to House de Lylles
Veleraen also holds the rank of Knight within the Order of the Blue Dove, beholden to the Administrate of Centripax and the House of Andares
He is also a semi-retired Knight of the Order of the Black Rose & Is a Knight of Verus Fides

Race: Giant
Sex: Male
Age: 77 Ordinations
Home City: Village of Mohkrem Centripax.

Physical Description:
Veleraen stands 15 feet 3 inches tall. He sports a light brown/reddish ponytail and a rough goatee. The Titan is heavily scarred to the point where almost every other inch of his body is covered in lines or marks from a Rite of Burden he performed upon himself in Ponutis of Era XVI. Veleraen has very broad shoulders and a rough yet streamline appearance to his figure. The hefty giant weighs around two tonnes, as his enormous and conditioned frame has been formed by many eras of combat training. Veleraen also sports a golden Aetherium fist where his right hand used to be. It's a metallic hand that is quite articulate but not able to feel pain, pressure, touch, heat or cold. The rest of Veleraen's right arm up to the shoulder is also Aetherium but beneath the skin only and not visible to the naked eye.

Wrapped around his waist and ascending upwards along his skin up his back, over his shoulders and coiled around his arms are the Chains of Aslan. Thick and thrumming with the power of Sonos at their core, the Chains of Aslan glow an aetherial halycon of colours. Anyone in Veleraen's presence will be able to see and feel the power of the Chains, marking him as Aslan's Champion upon Telath. The Titan of Aslan also bears an aura that is noticeable to all. All Aetherians, Aeternians and Neutrals will feel what he is capable of and can sense his power. He gives off an ominous aura of honour and justice, all reactions will differ, depending on who he is near and what Veleraen is doing.

Seasoned and jaded from eras of fighting and battling his way through life, Veleraen is a silent, solemn Giant. He isn't one to approach anyone or engage in any sort of social activity unless spoken to first, especially with strangers. He is proud and holds honour above many things, including his own life. He worships Aslan faithfully and will continue to do so until the end of his days. Family and holding to one's word is very important to him. He never lies and while some call him foolish for his actions. Veleraen tends to come across sometimes as a little 'out of it' as he tends to get lost in the memories and voices that the Chains of Aslan produce. He can stare out into nothingness for minutes on end if he becomes unfocused or off-task.

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Transaction Record


Personal Wealth Tier: Ardentium (Tier 4)

+Wealth Increase - Here

Personal Finances:

+500|Starting Amount|TBD|:gc:500
+3500|Selling starting home|TBD|:gc:4000
-3300|Purchase of Elven steel helm, armour + oil|TBD|:gc:700
+950|+50 Crowns/cycle Private in the Veldar Elite. 19 Cycles x 50c/cycle|TBD|:gc:1650
+1000|+100 Crowns/cycle for sergeant in Veldar Elite. 10 cycles x 100c/cycle|TBD|:gc:2650
-500|Blacksmithing Fee|TBD|:gc:2150
-65|Meal at Omally's|TBD|:gc:2085
-50|Ale at Omally's|TBD|:gc:2035
+2480|31 cycles x 80c/cycle as a Squire of the OBR|TBD|:gc:4515
-1000|Given to Finnbar and family|TBD|:gc:3515
+2400|30 cycles x 80c/cycle as a Squire of the OBR|Winter Era XI|:gc:5915
-25|Entering APrime Tournament|TBD|:gc:5890
+4500|15 cycles x 300c/cycle as Knight of the OBR|TBD|:gc:10390
-20|Tenting in Zerdargia|TBD|:gc:10370
-80|Eating at Omally's|TBD|:gc:10290
-500|Tattoos + Tip in APrime|TBD|:gc:9790
+1500|5 cycles x 300c/cycle as Knight OBR|Junctior Era XIII|:gc:11290
+1500|5 cycles x 300c/cycle as Knight OBR|Kalendryas Era XIII|:gc:12790
+4500|15 cycles x 300c/cycle as Knight OBR|Spring Era XIV|:gc:17290
-120|Ferry Ride to Olympia|TBD|:gc:17170
-150|Purchase of Tenets of Aslan + 2 Other books from Bookstore in Zinn'Sunn| TBD|:gc:17020
-500|Sending Messenger to Aprime to deliver msg to Parreyon|TBD|:gc:16520
-20|Leather bound tome from bookstore in ZS|TBD|:gc:16500
-50|Shirts bought in ZS|TBD|:gc:16450
-300|Jewelery for Satsumaiha|Kalendryas Era XV|:gc:16150
-13500|Purchase of property/dojo in Zinn"Sunn|36th Kalendryas Era XV|:gc:2650
+13500|Selling of property/Dojo in ZS| TBD |:gc:16150
-800|Living Expenses for winter| Winter Era XV PF|:gc:15350
+5600|Profit from business for Immanis&Ponutis| Immanis & Ponutis Winter Era XV PF|:gc:20950
+2500|Profit from business for Melora|Melora Winter Era XV PF|:gc:23450
-500|Expense for Milo's Gift|Ioannes Summer Era XV PF|:gc:22950
-80|Expense for rent in Zinn'Sunn|Imperos Summer Era XV PF|:gc:22870
-200|Expense for food |Imperos Summer Era XV PF|:gc:22670
-1000|Food expenses | Longest Winter Era XVI PF|:gc:21670
-80|Food at Crown Inn| Cryaxtum Era XV PF | :gc:21590
-700|Food | for Autumn Longest Winter Era XVI|:gc:20890
-700|Food| for Winter Era XVII | :gc:20190
-700|Food | For Spring Era XVII | :gc:19490
+500,000| Bounty reward for Vincent Weatherbee | Aperitus Era XVII PF | :gc:519,490
+500,000| Bounty reward for Demetrious Laskaris | | :gc:1,019,490
+240,000| Money entrusted to Veleraen upon Parreyon Syndicus's death, as per his will | Ulyris, Summer Era XVII PF | :gc:1,259,490
-100,000|Money for purchase of 200 acres of land in Prime Province | 2nd cycle of Ioannes, Season of Summer, Era XVII PF| :gc:1,159,490
-700|Food | for Summer Era XVII PF|:gc:1,158,790
-700|Food | Autumn Era XVII PF|:gc:1,158,090
-700|Food | Winter Era XVII/XVIII PF|:gc:1,157,390
-700|Food | Spring Era XVIII PF|:gc:1,156,690
+4200| Salary as Imperatis of 51st Assault Legion | Winter Era XVII/XVIII PF|:gc:1,160,890
+4200| Salary as Imperatis of 51st Assault Legion | Spring XVIII PF|:gc:1,165,090
-465,000| Cost for Caronis Keep to be built on property in Prime Countryside| - |:gc:700,090
-700|Food|Summer Era XVIII PF|:gc:699,390
+4200|Salary as Imperatis of 51st Assault Legion | Summer Era XVIII PF|:gc:703,590
-26,000|Gift to Birch Family | Summer Era XVIII PF |:gc:677,590
-7,500|Wedding Gifts & Attire for Kaldres-DeLylles Wedding| Winter Era XVIII/XIX PF |:gc:670,090
-20,000|Temple donation to Jae | Era XIX PF|:gc:650,090
+50|Money found at Temple of Thorns | Melora Era XIX PF |:gc:650,090
-700|Food| Era XIX |:gc:649,390
-300|Varaslan Kolegi course|Era XX|:gc:649,090
-250,000|Donation to de Lylles relief fund | Era XX|:gc:399,090
-5,150|Purchase of thousands of pages of parchment in Aslangrad | Era XX PF |:gc:393,940


+250,000|Starting Funds from Prince Milo L'Evienne|Ponutis Era XVI PF|:gc:250,000
-82,000| Cost of Citadel |Aperitus XVI PF|:gc:168,000
-4700| Pendants for members |Aperitus XVI PF|:gc:163,300
-25,000|Greatsword & 2 Daggers| Ioannes XVI PF|:gc:138,300
+100,000|Donation from Keldon Elsdragon| Summer Era XIX PF|:gc:238,300
-80,000|Food for Era XIX & XX PF for 30 knights + Veleraen | Era XIX - XX PF|:gc:158,300
-17,500|Equipment bought in Zerdargia for knighthood | Era XXI PF | :gc:140,800
-450| Durium purchase for weapons to be built in ZA | Era XXI PF | :gc:140,350

In Bank of Aelyria Prime:
General account

+450,000| From bounty of Weatherbee, in general account -1 crown upkeep per era|4th Cycle of Aperitus, Era XVII PF| :gc:450,000
+500,000| From bounty of Laskaris, in general account | 2nd cycle of Ioannes, Era XVII PF | :gc:950,000
+240,000| From Parreyon's will | 2nd Cycle of Ioannes, Era XVII PF | :gc:1,190,000
-5 | 5 eras of upkeep till Era XXII PF| - | :gc:1,189,995
-100,000| For purchase of 200 acres in Prime Province| 2nd cycle of Ioannes, Era XVII PF| :gc:1,089,995
-465,000|For purchase of Caronis keep to be built Prime Province | 2nd cycle of Ioannes, Era XVII PF|:gc:624,995
-20,000|For donation to Jaedaxia to rebuild Ioannes temple | Summer Era XIX PF |:gc:604,995
-250,000|Donation to de Lylles relief fund/birthday gift for Roslynn de Lylles | Era XX |:gc:399,090

Deposit account:

+50,000 | From bounty of Weatherbee in Deposit account, 5% interest per era| Aperitus Era XVII PF| :gc:50,000
+2,500 | 5% interest after Era XVIII PF | | :gc:52,500
+2,625 | 5% interest after Era XIX PF | | :gc:55,125
+2,756 | 5% interest after Era XX PF | | :gc:57,881

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Military History

Born in the village of Mohkrem, many kilometres northwest of Primus Gaudeo, Veleraen began his military career in Zerdargia with the Veldar Elite in the winter of Era X PF. Trained under the command of war hero Sergeant Antin Setik, Veleraen rose to the rank of Sergeant on the battlefield of the Siege of Zerdargia in the Winter of Era XI PF.

He successfully led the safe evacuation of the forces on the outer battlements back into the city while under siege and helped evacuate the city afterwards. Sir Veleraen received two medals for his actions, the Medal of Justice and the Medal of Courage.

In the summer of Era X PF, Veleraen volunteered in the fight against Malice and fought on the front lines along the forces of Enamoria but was not successful in breaching their defenses.

After the battle of Zerdargia, Veleraen was released of his duties from the Veldar Elite and traveled to Midpoint where he met Sir Parreyon Syndicus and was enlisted into the service of the Order of the Black Rose as a squire after saving the future Empress, Arabella de Lylles from would-be attackers in the streets of Midpoint in the Spring of Era XI PF.

Veleraen served for an era under the tutelage of Sir Syndicus and was then granted Knighthood and swore to protect the crown in the Winter of Era XII PF.

In the summer of Era XIII PF, Sir Veleraen was proclaimed to be a Viceroy on the Isle of the Crown and given a medallion by Constantine himself, inscribed with the word "GLORIA", Ancient Aelyrian for "Glory".

The Giant Knight served in the Knights of the Order of the Black Rose until the spring of Era XIV PF where he was granted semi-retired status in order to pursue greater ventures and explore his faith by Regent Milo L'Evienne.

In Era XIV, the Titan was awarded an Honourary Jaedaxian Double Sabre insignia for helping to disrupt an attack on Jaedaxia by a Lich that almost took his life.

Not much was heard from the Knight of the Realm until spring of Era XV PF where a Wolf of Jorel by the name of Fidelis Meridius threatened the life of the Regent Milo L'Evienne unless he turned over Sir Veleraen and disbanded the CoF. Sir Veleraen responded and fought the Wolf atop Aslan's Forge in the province of Centripax that same spring. He died and was consumed in the forge but was reborn not long after, having been restored to Telath by his patron God Aslan, Prince of Aetheria.

In the winter of Era XVI, Sir Veleraen was awarded the Star of Michelle by Prince Milo L'Evienne for "honorable excellence and unfaltering valor in the defense of, and on behalf of the Aelyrian people."

In the summer of Era XVI PF, Sir Veleraen participated in the Second Sherian War at Narim in the hopes of providing a means of peace between the Confederacy and the Royal forces. He was partially responsible along with Duncan Sythe for taking the souls of thousands as they tried to stop the mayhem of the war. Sir Veleraen then went into seclusion after the Second Sherian War, not to be heard from in some time.

After a few months time, Sir Veleraen re-appeared from seclusion and hunted down Demetrious Laskaris, head of House Laskaris and Vincent Weatherbee, Thane of Phondra, subsequently turning them into HRH Prince Milo L'Evienne I after they were declared wanted criminals of the Kingdom.

Near the end of Aperitus of Era XVII, Sir Veleraen was ambushed near the Forum in Aelyria Prime by the Thorn and Wolf of Jorel of Eunesia. He managed to kill both of them but in the end succumbed to his wounds. Many people who witnessed the account say that he was resurrected and given new life. Afterwards, he was bestowed the sentient and ancient artifact, the Chains of Aslan.

In Kalendryas of Era XVII PF, Sir Veleraen was granted the rank of Imperatis by the First Minister and Lord Admiral, Alexis Sapientia. The Titan unto himself was given 'Legion Status' and classified as the 51st Assault Legion.

In Imperos of Era XVIII PF, Sir Veleraen was promoted to Kestor Imperatis, Commander of all Legions in the Sodality of Carmelyn province.

In Tempris, Season of Autumn, Era XVIII PF Veleraen resigned from the Imperial Legion and took up Arctic de Ioannes's banner in Era XIX PF.

In Spring Era XX PF, Veleraen was bestowed the Title of Count beholden to the Lysandrian-de Lylles.

In Autumn of Era XX PF, Veleraen fought against the Xetan invasion force at Primus Gaudeo and was awarded a Knighthood in the Order of the Blue Dove (Aelyrian equivalent of The Order of the Bath"), bestowed to him by (self-proclaimed) Duchess Tiyribi Andares and declared a war hero in Centripax.

In Era XXVI, Veleraen helped successfully defend the city of Portshire from the Ratta attack.
Rewards from Portshire battle:

  • Increase in fame (your reputation will precede you for participating in the Battle of Portshire)​
  • NPCs may know stories and songs about your Character, especially in taverns and in the company of sellswords.​
  • Lore: Battle of Portshire (Hero Status: free room and board for one season in the Crown Province)​
  • Lore: Defender Discount (If Portshire is rebuilt, your character will get discounts and perks from local merchants and businesses)​
  • Lore: Thane’s Boon (If Portshire is rebuilt, your character can claim a small, one-room hovel for free. May not be sold for one era)​
  • Field Hospital (Non-serious injuries were patched and your character was afforded free healing services. Each Player receives medicinal herbs and ointments that may be used in the future to treat minor cuts, bruises, and treat pain (expires in one era). Broken bones and serious injuries still require further RP if noted in your Character-specific rewards.​

  • [+] Increased Reputation as the Titan of Aslan.
  • [+] Increased Positive Reputation for Caronis Keep and the Knights of Verus Fides.

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Special Abilities


Veleraen is able to see different auras around people, allowing him to discern what people are like on the inside from what they appear to be on the outside. This skill has yet to be developed and put to practical use. He cannot use the mentioned colour meanings until discovered In Character.

Red: Strong energy; fire; primal, creative force; life-promoting energy; hot; strong passion; mind; will; dynamic color that can reflect love, anger, hate and unexpected change. New birth, transmutation; affects the circulatory system, the reproductive system(sexual energy) an awakening of latent abilities and talents. Too much (Or muddiness) can indicate over stimulation, inflammation, imbalance, nervousness, temper, aggression, impulsiveness, or excitement.

Orange: Warmth, creativity, emotions, indication of courage, joy, social-ness, can reflect an opening of new awareness (especially to the subtle realms or astral planes of life. Depending on the shade it can also mean emotional imbalances and agitation. Muddier shades can reflect pride, flamboyance, worry and vanity.

Yellow: First and easiest colors to see. Pale yellow can indicate optimism. Yellow is the color of mental activity and new sunshine, reflects new learning, opportunities, lightness, wisdom, awakening of psychic abilities, and intellect. More pastel shades reflect an enthusiasm for something in life, the power of ideas and spiritual development. Muddier shades reflect excessive thinking, feelings of being deprived of recognition and being dogmatic.

Green: Sensitivity, growing compassion, abundance, strength, friendliness, reflects growth, sympathy, calmness; a person who is reliable, dependable and open minded. Bright blue-greens indicate healing ability. Muddier shades reflect uncertainty, jealousy, possessiveness, self-doubt, mistrust and miserliness.

Blue: Calm, quietness, reflects devotion, truth, seriousness, sometimes indicates the ability of clairvoyance and development of telepathy. Lighter shades: active imagination, and intuition. Deeper shades: sense of loneliness, life-long quest for the Divine, and levels of devotion. Royal blue: honesty, good judgment, indicate that the person has found or about to find his or her chosen work . Muddier shades: blocked perceptions, melancholy, rushing, worrying, domineering, fearfulness, forgetfulness, and oversensitivity.

Violet: Warmth, transmutation, the blending of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual, independence, intuition, dynamic (and important) dream activity, and can reflect one who is searching. Paler shades: humility, and spirituality.

Purple: Ability to handle affairs with practicality (and worldliness). Paler shades: humility and spirituality. Red-purple shades: great passion, or strength of will, and a need for greater individual effort. Muddier shades: need to overcome something, intense erotic imaginations, tenancies to be overbearing, needing sympathy, and feeling misunderstood.

Pink: Compassion, love, purity, reflects joy, comfort, a strong sense of companionship, indicates the quiet, modest type of individual, a love of art and beauty. Depending on shade can also reflect an immaturity, truthfulness (or a lack of), new love and new vision.

Gold: Reflects dynamic spiritual energy, coming into one's own power, higher energies of devotion, restoration of harmony, strong enthusiasm, great inspiration, and a time of revitalizing. Muddier shades: indicates that the person is still in the process of awakening higher inspiration, not yet clarified it within their life, and indicates alchemical process is still active( the person is still working to turn the lead of their life into gold.

White: Seen in the aura prior to actual colors, it is usually in conjunction with other colors, reflects truth, purity, the energy of the person is cleansing and purifying itself, and an awakening of greater creativity.

Gray: Color of initiation, and indicates movement toward unveiling innate abilities. Gray-Silver shades: reflects an awakening of the feminine energies (energies of illumination, intuition and creative imagination.) Darker shades: physical imbalances, indicate a need to leave no task undone, secretive, and who is the lone-wolf type.

Brown: Color of the earth, reflects new growth (especially above the head and around the feet), establishing new roots, a desire to accomplish, reflects industry, organization, a lack of and need for discrimination. This can also indicate a really rooted person, someone who is balanced and healthy.

Black: Color of protection, a color that can shield individuals from outside energies, reflects that the person is protecting themselves, indicates secrets, a new understanding of burdens and sacrifices will manifest. Can also indicate imbalances (physical imbalances usually show up black or darkened in those areas around the body that are) can indicate holes in the auric field (substance abusers or abuse victims, usually).

Aslan's Grace


- Lifted Burden
Through Aslan's grace and personal self sacrifice, Veleraen has the ability to empathically absorb physical and emotional pain from others.

Veleraen can't do this out of thin air. Firstly he needs an element of consent since his skill is so low. How he transfers these elements will differ between physical and emotional pain. This shall be developed IC as he explores this ability.

Experience using this ability:
Combat Training


Mounted Combat

Tyrannoid Riding



Grand Master


Looking to join the Veldar Elite +2 exp

Advanced Veldar Training +1 exp

A Dragon's Tale +2 exp

Grasping the Skies +2 exp

The Hounds of the Blavorions +1 exp

Assault from the East +2 exp

In Defense of Zerdargia
+ 2 exp

Defence Shadow Gate + 2 exp

To Follow a Dirt Road +2 exp

A Ranger's Quest[ +2 exp

You cannot ignore your own Flesh and Blood + 2 exp

Isle Adventure - Group Two [Parreyon, Vel, Atl, Shei, Avanthar] +1 exp

[Quest]~Hunting Shadows and Dust (Private, GM Crimson) +3 exp

"Finale" (Isle of the Crown) + 2 exp

[Temple of Terror] Something stalks the Giant (Veleraen) + 1 exp

[Location] The Righteous Hand Dojo + 2 exp

Immortalizing the Best Things in Life + 1 exp

Tenet One: Blades Forward + 2 exp

[Aslan's Forge] The Tale of the Lion and the Wolf +2 exp

The Pinnacle - Last One Standing +1 exp

[Temple of Aslan] I am the Master of my Fate + 2 exp

A Garden Hidden from the Key [private, Veleraen and Cein] + 1 exp

Siege of Aelyria - Starfox + 1 exp

Make you a sword, of me! +2 exp

[Great Mountains] Chapter II - Lost City +2 exp

Lux quo Habitum +1 exp

http://www.aelyria.com/forums/centr...vasion-don-t-get-lost-heaven.html#post1730604 + 1 exp

http://www.aelyria.com/forums/centr...sion-don-t-get-lost-heaven-2.html#post1732877 + 2 exp (Lvl 5 Approved)

[Seasonal Event] One Less Bell to Answer! + 1 exp

Stairway to Heaven +2 exp

[Xet Invasion] This is what we learned of tides; They Turn +2 exp

[Xet Invasion] Heart of Courage - Eastern District +2 exp

You can't change the past + 1 exp

[Group E] Best that I can +2 exp

The Lust for absolute dominion has corrupted the heavens +2 exp

[Terrmarique] Chapter II: The Stewards Siege +1 exp

The Kingdom of Horrors and Bad Memories +2 exp

[Portshire] Of Rattas and Men +1 exp

[RAID] The Sacking of Port Alyxandrya +1 exp

Total: +64 exp

Dual Wield Hand Axe:

Rank: Veteran


+12 Skill XP Shift

Total: +12 exp

Great Sword:


Rank: Veteran


Xet Invasion - A Crown of Crimson +2 exp (Level up!)

+7xp Skill XP shift

Borderlands Chapter 9 +1 xep

Total: +10 exp


Zan Zu/Wrestling:

Enhanced Physical and Magical Attributes

**"As per his character's fighting style and alignment, he can access a large amount of stamina and energy anytime he focuses during combat. This will allow him to fight longer, harder, and outlast most of his opponents. He can receive more blows than normal and not be shaken. His regenerative abilities have also increased significantly. Mortal wounds will heal in brightenings with minimal intervention while lesser wounds will heal in mere candlemarks or less. Given his immense size and inherent strength, Veleraen will also be exceptionally strong when he is in this 'trance'. His blows can shatter large boulders (but not iron or any metal), produce craters on the ground (small ones), and when he jumps he'll be able to reach great heights (around 5 times his height) and when he lands, the earth will shake."
***Veleraen now has a golden aetherium fist for a right hand. It is dextrous and quite articulate. From his wrist upwards, underneath the skin, on his right arm, an entire structure of aetherium resides up to his shoulder. (See SoF for more details).This fist also ignites in Holy Fire when reaching his Supreme State. It is an arcanic elemental weave that was brought upon during the Sherian War. It gets hot enough to melt flesh and sear metal. (see SoF for more details)

General & Combat Feats

Combat Feats & Achievements

-Veleraen achieved the ability and raw skill to cut a crossbow bolt out of mid-air at short range.

-Veleraen split open Aslan's Forge when his weapon struck the ground. (Meteor Strike).

Iron Will:

-He was able to temporarily shield himself from arcana (necromancy).

Supreme State:

-Veleraen has the ability to tap into his spiritual energy, almost akin to how a master mage taps into his own Vis.

"Veleraen has experienced something akin to being 'unbound' for a mage. You can now access your 'spiritual' energy. This is extra reserves, outside of your physical limits. This is otherwise known as the Supreme. As a fighter who defends the weak, he will have superior stamina. And due to his obvious size, his strength will be likewise increased considerably. Keep in mind that as a Level 4 fighter, you cannot defy physics and other laws of nature. But you can come close." (GM Crimson)​

General Feats

-Took over the evacuation of the Zerdargian forces outside of the walls during the Zerdargia battle and brought them to safety when it looked as though they would have to be sacrificed. Then risked his life and trapped himself outside the walls, the gate closed and rescued multiple wounded men from the fortifications outside under extreme arrow fire. Brought them to the wall and then fought off four orcs on a raising drawbridge before being let back into Zerdargia.

-Fought off multiple flying dracons (5+) in the Hinterlands with just a halberd and no armour.

-Fought off multiple orcs in Malice and survived the war on the front lines in battle.

-Defeated a Lich in Jaedaxia after it tried to take his soul

-Ventured back in time with Milo L'Evienne to the period of the Second Empire (approximately 200 eras) and helped in the salvation of Aslangrad. Veleraen was proclaimed one of seven Viceroys, with an empowered Tri-Talisman necklace, named "GLORIA", Ancient Aelyrian for "Glory". Veleraen witnessed the transformation of Constantine to a Cyraxian and then watched as his form fused with the Aethergem.

-Fought Fidelis Meridius, Wolf of Jorel at Aslan's Forge. Lost his hand and had it replaced with an articulate golden fist. Fell into the Forge willingly with Fidelis and Aslan intervened, giving him a golden fist, a metallic arm (underneath the skin) and an Aura that radiates Honour and Justice. All Aeternians, Aetherians and Neutrals are able to feel his power and what he represents, just that their reactions will all be different.

-Earned a writ of Nobility from Prince Milo L'Evienne I and given an Earldom. Was given backing and funding for his Knightly Council "Verus Fides" by the Prince as well.

-Killed the Wolf and Thorn of Eunesia before falling victim to a powerful poison. Veleraen was resurrected by the Archon Pyrienl following his downfall and bestowed the legendary artifact, the Chains of Aslan.

-In Kalendryas of Era XVII PF, Veleraen was granted the rank of Imperatis by the First Minister, Alexis Sapientia and given the designation of "the 51st Assault Legion" unto himself.

-Entered the Plane of Time and fought Kalendryas before being banished by Kalendryas back to the Lauryillian Wilderness.

-Killed the three Demi-Gods, Rysen, Vrenik & Toras, the Sons of Caron on the Plane of Sonos to cleanse the plane of the Meephosian Taint and ultimately saved Sonos from destruction.

Combat Strategy & Tactics

+1 Xet combat tactics - GM Shalafi


!!IMPORTANT!!: Veleraen is now covered in divine and holy symbols of Aslan carved entirely out of scars, made by his own hand. They cover his extremities from his scalp to his waist, on the frontal portion of his body. All remaining scarring is now buried or mixed in with these symbols. !!IMPORTANT!!

-Across his shoulders, arms and chest, are burn marks from the Chains of Aslan that are permanent and cannot be removed. They signify his dedication to Aslan and his faith.

-Has half of his pinky and ring finger cut off on his left hand. It was an injury suffered in Malice fighting multiple orcs at once.

-Veleraen has a large scar that runs down the right side of his cheek bone, running from the outside tip of his right eye down his jawline to his chin. Suffered from a boar tusk gouging his face in a hunt.

-Has acid burn scars on the tops of both hands and forearms from acid in the demon hound attack in Arconis.

-Has many battle scars on his back from fighting dracons in the hinterlands.(These have been covered up by his tattoo on his back) Has a few scars on his upper right arm from slashes from a sword as well.

-Veleraen received a large slash from the tip of a pike diagonally across his chest, the wound wasn't deep but it left a long scar.

-Veleraen has two large scar patches on either shoulder from being hit with arrows. He has another small scar on his right shoulder and his back left thigh from being hit by throwing daggers.

-A scar on the left side of his ribcage from being hit by a spearhead, wound was sealed by a hot poker, leaving the flesh charred, dead and black.

-He also has three other charred patches of skin that are now warped after an era or so of time passing. One is on his left upper arm, the other on his right side just above his collarbone and one on his left thigh, all were seared and sealed with a hot piece of steel to seal the wound and prevent infection. All wounds were direct results of being hit by arrows. He also has a large pair of slash marks from a great sword across his shins, as they line up on a slight diagonal when he stands with his legs fairly close together.

-Veleraen also has a scar across his left eye from being hit by a battle axe of an Ogre. The weapon skimmed across his helmet and dragged across the ridges around his left eye.

-There is a large scar on the right side of his chest just below his lung where he took a spearhead fighting off barbarians in Zinn'Sunn. He also has a mark where a knife penetrated his greaves on his right foot

-Veleraen was stabbed in the chest twice, once in a graveyard in Zinn'sunn fighting Aeternian demons. Another time he was stabbed in the Arium Mountains just below the right lung.

-He has received deep slashes to his left shoulder and right forearm.

-Veleraen lost his right hand fighting Fidelis, the wolf of Jorel. In its place now is a golden metallic fist.

-Veleraen's left shoulder was utterly incapacitated during his fight on Aslan's Forge. It was healed, but a massive scar remains.

-Was stabbed right through the right femur. Was healed after by his God.

-Lost his right pinky toe.

-Was cut in behind both sides of each calf.

-Had shrapnel embedded throughout his chest (pepper mashed) by his own weapon.

-His entire right arm on the outside was burnt and blistered during the Narim war when his arm heated up to the point where it felt like there was a miniature sun underneath and cooked him from the inside out.

-Veleraen has lost the bottom earlobe of his right ear due to a crossbow bolt hitting it in the Narim war.

-Veleraen lost his entire left ear from a thrown sword in Aslangrad.

-Has two more arrow puncture scars on his shoulder blades on his back (from agrad)

-Has an arrow puncture scar on his left calf & right thigh (from agrad)

-Deep laceration scar on left forearm from chains digging into his flesh to the bone. (from agrad)

-Scar from right Achilles tendon getting cut (Agrad)

-Suffered a collapsed left lung, scar on left side of the lower back (Agrad)

-Scar on top of left foot from being stabbed through with blade (Agrad)

-Broke his right, big toe, now fixed. (Agrad)

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Fluid Time

Era X PF


-Veleraen arrives in Zerdargia
-Visit to Omally's Tavern
-Meets Gimli in Omally's Tavern
-Sign up for an unarmed combat class
-Gets blacksmith training from Gimli
-Veleraen gets tired of the dwarven town and goes out on a journey of self discovery to the Carmelyn Hinterlands
-Veleraen encounters a rogue group of Dracons and battles them, killing several of them
-Continuing on, Veleraen reaches the town of Tirisfal and takes a wander through the town
-Coming back, Veleraen stumbles upon two Dracons and a human
-After stumbling upon the adventurers, Veleraen decides to follow them to a town up amongst the trees
-Veleraen becomes bonded to Hakan, a giant Golden falcon upon entering an aviary.
-Veleraen buys his elven steel full plate armour and helmet along with special oil
-Veleraen returns to Zerdargia, enrolls in Veldar Elite
-Veleraen completes basic training in the Veldar
-The giant goes on a wild goose chase with Norin to hunt down murderers from Zerdargia
-Veleraen completes advanced training in the Veldar Elite.


-In service of the Veldar Elite.


-Veleraen takes a leave of absence for 10 cycles at the beginning of summer to pursue other things.
-Gets caught in a veldar battle with zombies
-Veleraen is given armour and halberd after the battle with the undead zombies
-Goes to Daltina and meets people in the Dragonbreath Inn to go on an adventure.
-Travels to malice to meet Nashkel Angor and joins him in battle in the Malice siege.
-After Malice, Veleraen travels his way back and stops in Arconis where he battles a demon hound and is questioned by the Arconis guards.
-On the last brightening of summer, Veleraen returns to Zerdargia to report back in to Veldar Command to return to service.


-Veleraen meets Norin in the streets and has a drink with him at Omally's.
-Veleraen attends his concert the next darkening.
-Veleraen reports into Veldar command and then is ordered to help evacuate the city because of an oncoming Undead attack.
-Veleraen enrolls in an intermediate Zan-Zu class at the Veldar compound



-Veleraen engages in combat in Zerdargia as an undead/orc/goblin army invades. He is promoted to Sergeant on the battlefield and leads a retreat back into the city.
-Veleraen leads a squad of men into the heart of the city and finds the Shadow Gate and reports it back to the Deputy Commander of the Veldar.


-Veleraen arrives at Fort Midpoint, seeking to join the Order of the Black Rose.
-Veleraen meets up with Knight Parreyon Syndicus and becomes a squire under his tutelage.
-He meets Lady Arabella de Lylles and rescues her from a trio of muggers in the streets of Midpoint.


-Veleraen meets with Parreyon Syndicus and Arabella de Lylles to go find the child of Elanara Al'lende.



-Veleraen ventures to Aelyria Prime after receiving word from the Empress to meet in person.
-Encounters Finn de Ryes, wife of Will de Ryes on the way to Aelyria Prime.
-Encounters Epicurus D. Vampyler on the way to Aelyria Prime.
-Meets with Parreyon Syndicus, his knight mentor and gets ready to see the Empress in the throne room.
-Meets with Empress Arabella de Lylles
-Veleraen gets knighted and becomes a Knight of the OBR.


-Veleraen is stationed at the Imperial Palace.



-Veleraen attends the Zerdargian Ceremonies to honour those who fought in the war.
-Veleraen trains Grodyn Ben Putin at the Imperial Citadel.
-Veleraen is tasked with going on an expedition to the Isle of the Crown.
-Veleraen goes to get a tattoo done and ends up fighting a street gang. [FONT=&quot]


-Veleraen attends the Selhaim festivities in Aelyria Prime and is crowned King of Selhaim. [FONT=&quot]



-Veleraen accompanies the Regent and his family to the Mneyona Isles.



-Veleraen visits the windibreeze cathedral and meets Father Walt.
-Veleraen takes a walk with Milo and helps rescue his sister Nikki from a pond.
-Veleraen visits with Milo in the Imperial Gardens to discuss his future and goes inactive as a KOBR until called upon in the future. [FONT=&quot]


-Veleraen enters Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen visits the Luduan Statue in Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen visits Turn the Page Bookstore in Zinn'Sunn and acquires a Tenets of Aslan, and two other books.
-Veleraen meets with Govay and his family.
-Veleraen takes a walk with Satsumaiha and gets more than he bargains for.
-Veleraen attends the Spirit Festival in Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen takes a walk with Taylisa, daughter of Govay.
-Veleraen is attacked by Etos at his home at the Chair's Ease.
-Veleraen gets in the mix with Jade and Cyrus in the streets of Zinn'Sunn and interrupts their slaying.
-Veleraen meets Straylor in the reflecting gardens and meditates with him.
-Veleraen fights with other allies to fend off a barbarian skirmish in the Outlands.
-Veleraen ventures back home in late summer but gets interrupted on his way through Arium Highlands and gets involved in something much bigger than himself. [FONT=&quot]


-Veleraen gets two tattoos done at the InkStorm House in Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen helps Janu and Lucas, the two sons of Govay. He trains both of them, one in the ways of Knighthood and the other in the way of combat.
-Veleraen gets Longbow lessons from an archer of Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen visits Amelia at her shop in Zinn'Sunn to see if he's being stalked by the undead.
-Veleraen visits the Temple of Enlightenment in the Outlands outside Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen leaves Zinn'Sunn after hearing about Vampires in Jaedaxia and goes to help.



-Veleraen buys a gift for Satsumaiha in Jaedaxia after his escapades with the vampires.
-Veleraen meets with Satsumaiha, gives her gift to her.
-Veleraen sets up his own business, The Righteous Hand Dojo.
-Veleraen meets Lenara in Laroo River Park.
-Veleraen has a vision about Fidelis's approach in the world.
-Veleraen Visits with a strange monk in the Gracelands.
-More interaction with Lenara.
-Veleraen does a tattoo for Lenara.
-Spar with Serion D'Rinishad.
-Satsumaiha meets Lenara for the first time, things go awkwardly.

-Veleraen meets with Milo, Nikki, Lenara and Parreyon to discuss the "Fidelis Situation".
-Veleraen confesses his love for Lenara.
-Veleraen challenges Fidelis.
-Veleraen teaches Lenara the basics of Zan Zu.
-Speaks with Lenara one more time before his fight with Fidelis.
-Fights Fidelis


Veleraen meets Erenthril Mael'tharias and is given a home/citadel in exchange for a future favour.
-Veleraen and Lenara go back to Veleraen's parent's house in Centripax.
-Veleraen and Lenara mingle in the crowd and meet new people at Milo's coronation as Prince.
-Veleraen makes a speech at the coronation and listens to the other dignitaries.
-Veleraen receives a letter from Satsumaiha.
-Veleraen goes to Zinn'Sunn.
-Veleraen visits Satsumaiha.

-Journal Entry



-Veleraen goes to Demios with Lenara.

Veleraen meets Uth Chalice, frees him of his burdens and goes to fight Meephosians.
-Veleraen stops by Arconis to get supplies.
-Veleraen gets a writ of nobility for an Earldom, from Milo and starts up his new Knightly Council, Verus Fides.


-Veleraen finds demons in the Forest of Light.
-Veleraen arrives in Jaedaxia.
-Veleraen goes to buy property for Verus Fides.
-Veleraen goes to a grand council meeting, meets Thane Esme Xindell and Count de Barbage.
-Veleraen volunteers to help rid Jaedaxia of some bandits that have been plaguing the countryside.
-Veleraen starts construction on his citadel, Arx Caelum Vires.
Veleraen goes to fight in the Sherian War.
-Veleraen discusses fate and other things with Duncan Sythe.
-Veleraen gets involved in a brawl at the Crown Inn alongside Duncan Sythe.
-Veleraen meets Tradieus Khaserith and finds a village of undead in the forest south of Jaedaxia.
-Greatsword training






-Arrives back in Jaedaxia.
-Sells his Citadel and property.
-Gives profit to orphanage
-Sends notice to Milo about closure of funding and returning of the money.


-Veleraen runs into a strange girl in Prime.


Winter PF XVII

Autumn, PF XVII

Summer, PF XVII

Spring, PF XVII

Winter, PF XVII

-Veleraen performs a Rite of Burden outside of Arconis.
-Veleraen runs into Parreyon Syndicus in Pegasi Woods.
-Veleraen arrives in Kriskinstat.
-Veleraen visits the Archbishop asking for help to remove the taint from his blood.


Aetherian Artifacts - Owned

Artifacts of the Heralds of Aslan​

Bow of Vrenik

A golden bow that, when the bow string is pulled back, arms itself with an arrow manifested out of the power of Sonos itself. When released, this arrow then splits into one thousand others and falls like a storm on its target. These arrows are physical objects and can be blocked/repelled as such.

From <Stairway to Heaven (Charybdis, Private) - Page 2 - Aelyria>

Helm of Toras

A great bear-headed helm that, when worn, prevents Veleraen from ever losing his balance or being knocked off his feet

From <Stairway to Heaven (Charybdis, Private) - Page 2 - Aelyria>

Sword of Rysen

A black longsword that, when called upon by Veleraen, cannot be disarmed, lost, or unbalanced. It also cannot be cracked, bent, or broken.

From <Stairway to Heaven (Charybdis, Private) - Page 2 - Aelyria>
The Divine & Beyond

Veleraen's Brands

Positive Brands

Brand #1 - Aslan
Veleraen radiates an aura of honour all around him. Everyone is able to feel it in the air and those with hearts of ash will feel fear instead of a warming of their souls.

Brand #2 - Aslan
Veleraen possesses the ability to see into people's souls and see their 'true nature' in the form of colours. He can read people's true emotions and what their souls are truly made of in terms of morality and what their motivations are in a general sense.

Brand #3 - Aslan
Aslan's Grace - Lifted Burden
Veleraen possesses the ability to lift the emotional burden of people and clear their minds while at the same time, absorbs that same emotion into himself.

Brand #4 - Aslan
Aetherium Arm
Veleraen lost his right hand in a battle with Fidelis Meridius on the top of Aslan's Forge. He sacrificed himself to kill Fidelis and in return was resurrected with an aetherium arm as a replacement. His fist is a golden sheen and articulate as a real hand would be but cannot feel pain, pressure, hot or cold. When Veleraen taps into his Supreme State, his fist lights on fire like an aetherpike due to a mishap in the Sherian War. The rest of his arm is aetherium underneath skin up to his shoulder and is not visible to the naked eye.

His arm also squeaks when it moves (See Negative Brand #1 below)

Brand #5 - Aslan
(Not fully known yet)

Negative Brands

Brand #1 - Jorel
Squeaky Right Arm
After destroying the Jorelite Temple of Thorns in the Prime Countryside, Jorel's servant, Haluush appeared and bestowed Veleraen with a negative brand from Jorel. It caused his arm to squeak in a very high pitched sound of metal grinding against other metal.

Brand #2 - Meephos
Tampered Aslan's Grace? (Not sure of brand's actual effect/name)

Brand #3

Brand #4

Brand #5

For detailed information on these, please see my SOF.


1x Giant sized, Amindolite Halberd obtained here: (link)
This halberd was once a regular, black Dwarven steel halberd, however it was transformed during the battle against the Xet at Primus Gaudeo in Fall, Era XX PF. The transformation was the result of a gift from Aslan that transformed his weapon mid-battle in order to combat the Xet threat.

See SoF for further details.
1x A steel giant sized Tower Shield
1x Giant Greatsword,
-8 feet long, 1 inch thick, 8 inches wide. Made of High quality steel, crystal blended and has an ornamental hilt (Lion's head on the pommel) and has "HONOUR" inscribed along the base of the blade, lengthwise. Comes with a sheath and strap for across his back. (Link)
2x Giant Sized Daggers (Bought in Jaedaxia from Epees et Plus)- 3 feet long, 3 inches wide, quarter of an inch thick. Made of high quality steel and both are crystal blended. Both have sheaths. (Link)
A giant heavy suit of chainmail armour with a breastplate that has a ruby/red stone triangle pointing downwards. (Gained Here)
A giant elven steel full helm with markings of Aslan on it
Steel Greaves and Gauntlets
1x Siege/Longbow 10 ft tall, thick drawstring. Quiver, 30 siege arrows. (link)

4x Giant sized throwing tomahawks with chest strap bandolier holder for all four. (link)

2x Dwarven steel axes with half moon blades (See link for pic) Made by Tanith Ilara here.

1x Dwarven steel Kite shield, eight feet tall, five feet wide with customized scabbard on the inside of the shield to store a giant sized dagger. Made by Tanith Ilara here.

1x retractable, needle-like blade, two and a half feet in length that can slide down into a thick, thumb-sized metal casing when sheathed. (link)

1x Misericorde - Giant-sized misericorde and a sheath. The weapon was crafted from Zerdargian steel, strong and heavy despite it's narrow blade. The base of the blade and the crossguard were etched in the dwarvish style: lined runes and whorls inlaid with gold. On it's hilt was the snarling lion of Aslan. Gained here


Urgz Cleaver - From battle at Terramarique


2x Cotton shirts bought in Zinn'Sunn, one white, one blue.

OoBR Normal Wear: Black pants, gold shirt and red vest. (All custom fitted and paid for by Parreyon Syndicus)

OoBR Formal Wear: Black Tux with embroidered crest of the Order on it. Black pants and red sash with crest on it as well. (Custom Fitted and paid for by Parreyon Syndicus)

Brown pants and short sleeved shirt.
A necklace with two boar tusks on it.
Leather boots
Book of Prophecies of Rak
Imperial Visa
Martial Arts Gi
Pair of dual elven scimitars from Parreyon Syndicus after his death. (From his Will)
A leather belt with two large canteens full of cold water clipped to it
Backpack containing:

  • a tent
  • a bedroll
  • two days of rations
  • a digging tool
  • a first aid kit containing bandages
  • needle and thread and alcohol
  • flint and steel

10 pendants for Verus Fides members, including Vel. Link

-1 statue of Didis, solid gold - Link

Sand Viper Leather (Veleraen has enough of this material to create or decorate one giant-sized accessory item, such as a hilt, bracelet, or amulet. The leather is extremely coarse and non-giants will find it very uncomfortable to touch let alone use. This will require a leathersmith.) - Link

Rare artifact - Link

Magical Items:

A flask of magical oil to silence armour when moving and hit by a weapon (GM Soldier)

A giant leather breastplate that is made from a demon hound's pelt. It's as hard as metal and is fire and acid resistant. Link GM Mimesis

A coin necklace given to him by an Airelite Air'riela at a Selhaim celebration. When rubbed by him, it will notify the Air'riela, Joslyn, that Veleraen seeks her and she will make her way to him. Link GM Gossamer[FONT=&quot]

A empowered necklace given to him when he traveled back in time 200 eras to the Second Empire on the Isle of the Crown. It says "GLORIA" in Ancient Aelyrian. [FONT=&quot]

A small red gem, given to him by the Archon Orestan. See SoF for more details Link here: http://www.aelyria.com/forums/laury...-key-private-veleraen-cein-2.html#post1589813

Orb of Sorcery Essence - Unknown Imbuement - Link

Sachet of Bad Apples (Life Essence, enough doses for one Master Thaum spell, or separated into smaller amounts as desired). - Link

Ring of Veleraen Link
Crafter level: Archmage
Charges: 4/4
Description: Four charges of Illusion are imbued in the respective gemstone. Journeyman Strength.

Horns of the Earth Wyrm – Unnatural Material; can be use to fashion a new type of alloy by an artisan blacksmith or better. There is enough of the material to create 1 rare-quality, Giant-sized weapon. - GM Crimson - Link

Amulet of Alyssa - An Amulet of Alyssa, a purple-colored gold-encrusted medallion that shimmers with luminescence and has the Power of Timelessness, allowing you to pierce the Ethereal Plane and communicate with any player character telepathically, anywhere, no matter where they might be. You can use this amulet an unlimited number of times. [Link]

Fire Glass - reddish black shards created by extreme heat from natural and supernatural sources. It hums with unknown energy.

+1 MP - Gained here
+1 MP - Gained here
-1 MP - Used here
Total: 1 MP
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Art Tells more than Words (Goss)
+2 Exp
Life Written in Ink (Lenara) +1 Exp
Three Down...Only Jorel knows how many more to go [Kaar]+1 Exp

Total: +4 exp


-24 Tattoo needles (GD Goss)
-1 vial of ink (quart size) (GD Goss)
-Somber Rest - Herb sedative, one small pouch, 25 crowns. Sedative. Used to sedate porcupines to get their quills.
-Enclosing trap, 35 crowns to trap said animal.
-Pink, white and black ink from the InkStorm tattoo shop. Since certain ingredients were not in bloom (to make the ink) and Veleraen needed to buy his own tattooing equipment.
-Tattooing paddle w/ a set of five needles
-3 jars of tattooing ink, one of each pink, white and black colour.
-A set of bandages for fresh tattoos,
-A jar of Lampblacking ink
-a sponge
-roll of thin parchment for transferring tattoos.
-Also one set of special tattooing gloves.

Tattoos Done:

  • Simple, four inch wide cherry blossom for Lenara on the side of her neck. Four outer blossoms and four inner blossoms, shaded pink and outlined black. Middle of the blossom are eight strands of white pollen strings.


Tattoos Worn:

  • Veleraen received two tattoos in this thread. One on his back of a golden falcon with wings of fire rising from ash. One on his left arm of a cross with a black rose entwined around it, with the letters O.B.R. underneath it.
  • Veleraen also received two tattoos in this thread. One of them is a large outline of a lion's head and a bit of mane, roaring outwards, teeth showing. It's a black outline and not coloured in but instead slightly shaded. The second is a shield/sword combination with a sun behind it, placed above his heart representing that he will always protect the light with his heart.
  • Veleraen created and made a tattoo that says "TAKE NOTHING SACRIFICE EVERYTHING" from his right clavicle to his left clavicle on his upper chest.



Gradually, inch by square inch, the tattoo artist poked more golden ink into the enormous expanse of skin which constituted Veleraen's back. He would begin with the gold feathers, interlacing darker and lighter colours to add shadows and highlights... next would come the blazing red which would envelop the falcon's wings... slowly--very slowly due to the size of the canvas--the picture began to take shape. 'Twas quite phenomenal in its detail, and Joshua eventually abandoned all pretense and stooped, hands on his knees, just to the giant's side, gaping at the emerging phoenix-falcon in awe. Juckson's skill was such that he even managed to wind the scars that crossed Veleraen's back seamlessly into the image, so that a casual observer wouldn't even realize they were there. Clearly, despite the artist's age and humble surroundings, Joshua had not been wrong in recommending him. There was skill and talent yet in those dextrous elven hands, no matter how worn they might be.

O.B.R. Rose:


Numeral l:

Along the inside of his left forearm are three "| | |" inscribed, a tally of the jorelites that have fallen to his hand. Created here

Take nothing, Sacrifice Everything:

From his right clavicle to his left clavicle straight across his chest are the words "TAKE NOTHING SACRIFICE EVERYTHING".

Created here

Lion's Head/Mane:



Current Property:

20 Acres, just north of Jaedaxia, bought in 2nd of Aperitus, Longest Winter, Era XVI PF. Has a dilapidated keep on it. (SOLD- Funds given to orphanage in Jaedaxia) (link)

200 Acres, Between the river Ioannes and the township of Rynus in Prime Province. Made on TS: 2nd cycle of Ioannes, Season of Summer, Era XVII PF (Link of Purchase)



"True Faith"

Concilium Verus Fides, founded in Ponutis, of the Longest Winter Era XVI PF by (Earl) Sir Veleraen son of Khreytek.

"Support the Faithful, Serve the Poor"

Set up as a confraternal council, the Concilium, Verus Fides's base of operations resides in Jaedaxia. The council itself is made up of 10 members, all standing equal, no one man commanding. Each Knight of Verus Fides bears a pendant around his neck with the mark of a sun with a sword rising upwards behind it to mark their membership of the Council itself.

The Council's Mission:

To help protect the public, shelter, feed and defend those who cannot do so themselves. To purge Aeternian influence from Telath and remove those who would bring shadow into the Light. To preserve the works of Aetheria and all of its treasures, big and small, vast and insignificant alike.

The Words of Honour

I, (enter title and name here), swear here in these hallowed halls,
To heed the Law of Aetheria, its tenets and the Law of the Kingdom.
To understand that the rank I carry is no greater than those whom I stand side by side with.
To always think of others before myself and to alleviate pain and suffering where it is needed.
That my word will always be dependable beyond doubt or question and that I will always speak the truth, even if it should lead to my death.
To stand strong in the face of darkness, even if the path I walk leads me to it.
To lead by example, to offer my wisdom and guidance, to listen to my heart and spirit in the service of my God and Prince.
To understand that anyone has
some power to choose either light, goodness and love, or darkness, fear and the wrong. To know that We choose to be champions, might standing up to hold for the positive, life-affirming stature of existence.

I swear on the Code of the Faithful, that ever should I break it, I am to be judged by my peers and my God.
I swear, to Verus Fides, that my spirit, loyalty and blade will be forever bound, here, till my time upon Telath ends.

Code of the Faithful

I. Every member of Verus Fides is an equal among their peers.
II. All decisions made by the council are to be made unanimously and without doubt or suspicion.
III. All council members will offer their wisdom and experience to benefit each other.
IV. All members will live off the generousity of those whom they help. No more or less is required of servants who carry True Faith.
V. No one will preach their individual religion, only to encourage that the Light be followed.
VI. The truth shall be spoken at all times. To deceive is to betray one's brother.
VII. No member of Verus Fides will kill an innocent, even if the innocent seeks to harm them.
VIII. Every member of Verus Fides will follow the laws of the Kingdom and Aetheria.
IX. Members shall dedicate their time to Verus Fides and will claim no membership to any faction/guild or brotherhood.
X. Have faith in yourself.

Verus Fides NPC's

Theatres of War Past & Present

Xet Invasion - Battle of Primus Gaudeo - Victory
30% casualty rate, 6 dead, Multiple injured

Recruited from Sacrum (Approved by GD Trinity)

Male (Human - 9)

Gallan Banach - Level 1 Sword & Shield, Level 1 Wilderness Survival - Deceased - Battle of Primus Gaudeo during Xet invasion Autumn XX PF
Angard Skelane - Level 1 Greatsword, Level 1 Wilderness Survival
Coanathos Farel - Level 1 Sword & Shield
Helis Ganner - Level 2 Sword & Shield, Level 2 Theology
Cerico Myrtes - Level 1 Sword & Shield - Deceased - Battle of Primus Gaudeo during Xet invasion Autumn XX PF
Isen Foros - Level 2 Longbow, Level 2 Alchemy, Level 2 Cooking
Baird Dunham - Level 1 Longbow, Level 1 Tracking - Deceased - Battle of Primus Gaudeo during Xet invasion Autumn XX PF
Pierce Steron - Level 1 Sword & Shield
Renly Danold - Level 1 Greatsword, Level 1 Healing

Female (Human - 5)

Maia Asalin - Level 1 Greatsword - Deceased - Battle of Primus Gaudeo during Xet invasion Autumn XX PF
Carah Ashondotter - Level 1 Sword & Shield, Level 1 Tracking
Kateryna Rayus - Level 2 Halberd, Level 2 Healing
Eryn Torrad - Level 1 Halberd, Level 1 Healing
Kaaoria Sayete - Level 1 Sword & Shield - Deceased - Battle of Primus Gaudeo during Xet invasion Autumn XX PF

Male (Elf - 2)

Ruven Aeradiir - Level 1 Sword & Shield, Level 1 Wilderness Survival
Elion Toraendrin - Level 1 Longbow, Level 1 Healing

Female (Elf - 1)

Nlaea Kitanil - Level 1 Longbow, Level 1 Healing - Deceased - Battle of Primus Gaudeo during Xet invasion Autumn XX PF

Male (Dorin - 1)

Grael Marak - Level 1 Greatsword, Level 1 Tracking

Male (Katta - Lionoid - 1)

Adarech Rall - Level 2 Greatsword, Level 2 Healing (Non-Magic)

Male (Dwarf - 1)

Dorarnin Darast - Level 2 Sword & Shield, Level 2 Blacksmithing

Recruited from Arakmat - Link

Dame Fatima Sener

From a tribe that claims to see the future in battle

"Fatima was an older, Nairu lady. Her skin was the colour of ebony, and her long black hair hung around her shoulders in dreadlocks. Deep brown eyes watched Veleraen as he entered the training area, and her multi-coloured and multi-fabriced toga hung loose around her frame. A longbow was slung across her back, along with several arrows."

Enhanced perception, may be seen to be precognition

Lvl 3 Horse riding
Lvl 3 Archery
Lvl 1 Shortsword

Ser Hayder, Lion of the Rashid

"A very young-looking Nairu man. His skin was as dark as coal, with deep brown eyes and what appeared to be a shaved head. There was also a tattoo of a Lion etched on his right shoulder, superbly inked and seem ablaze against his dark skin. Brown eyes were darting and quick; a warrior through and through, and judging from his appearance, one that utilized speed and nimbleness to dazzle and distract his opponents.

Physically, he seemed to be built for combat and he only wore some very loose pants and a pair of sandals. A curved Arakmatan Scimitar sat on what passed for his belt, along with a dagger, and there seemed to be wisdom and intellect hiding behind those deep brown eyes."

Enhanced speed and dexterity

Lvl 3 Scimitar
Lvl 2 Dagger
Lvl 1 Duel wielding

Equipment & Provisions

  • 25 Chain Hauberks - High grade steel
  • 25 Barute Helms - High grade steel
  • 25 sets of Vambraces - High grade steel
  • 25 sets of Pauldrons - High grade steel
  • 25 sets of Greaves - High grade steel
  • 25, 6 foot spears - High grade steel

All acquired here.

Veleraen's Chronicle

A Tale of the Honoured and the Damned

Chapter 1
Date: 13th of Imperos, Autumn, Era II of Era XIV PF

The words written upon this page are a recollection of memories described and interpreted by that of Sir Veleraen, son of Khreytek, former member of the Order of the Black Rose, Knight of the Empire and worshiper of Aslan. If this is found by a friend or foe upon my broken corpse, I ask only one thing in the name of honour and respect; that this summary of notes and stories be read and remembered and then sent to this address:

5791 Cherry Creek Lane in the Nob District of Aelyria Prime.

The owner of that home will know what to do with it.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I wish to tell you about some of my travels, my encounters with the paranormal and beyond, as I feel it is necessary to communicate these things for the sake of my own sanity. I have witnessed many things in my lifetime, in my tenure as a soldier and as that of a worshiper of the Aetherians. One thing is for certain, is that life never ceases to surprise me in any way, shape or form and as along as the breath that escapes my lungs continues to permeate the cold air, I shall continue to write until my lungs fail and I am but a shell of my former self.

Chapter 1: The Long Road Ahead

I grew up in a mountain home within the Centripax Heartlands approximately five brightenings north of Riparia. It was an old log cabin of sorts built by my great grandfather over three hundred eras ago atop a hillside in the valley of my home village, Mohkrem.

I have a younger brother, Lorek who is twelve ordinations younger than I, my mother Larehya and my father Khreytek. Both of my parents were quite traditional and strict in the sense that they were always trying to guide my way through life without me trying to do it on my own. My father was quite protective as he'd spent most of his life serving in the village guard and my mother was a homemaker of sorts, cooking and taking care of the family as it were. You must be wondering why a Giant out of many across the Empire is named Veleraen? To answer that question, I must tell you a small story of how the name had come to be.

While my mother was carrying me, a group of elven missionaries had entered the valley and had peacefully arranged with the elders of our village to teach Common to the young children as they soon saw that the need for it as humans and other species continually traded and interacted with their village. It was a hard process at first, some resisting the free lessons that also came along with prayer. One of the missionaries visited my father and mother and had blessed my mother with a small ceremony as a birth was quite sacred to them. The name of the priest incidentally was named "Veleraen". No last name was given but it was good enough for my parents, as when I was born, the name I was given was that of "Veleraen". I am still unsure as to this brightening what it means exactly, as I have heard most elven names have a hidden meaning but I hope one brightening I will figure it out.

One of my best friends was a Giant named Kolar. I had known him since we were both very little, our parents good friends with his. He had a younger sister, Treska, who had flowing red hair, not unlike my own, who had taken a liking to me but after a while it became annoying and in my youth, dismissed her as foolish. I now look upon that brightening as a mistake but I cannot dwell upon such things now because if I did such a thing with everything else, my life would be filled with sorrow and eternal regret, something I deal with on a regular basis.

My childhood was not very exciting. It was filled with some problems here and there but as I look back upon my past, I realize that I could have done so much more with the time I had spent upon those mountaintops. It all came to a definite conclusion when my best friend died upon those mountain slopes. Mercenaries had come and were killing and slaughtering those for the scalps and skulls of my people. They had killed Kolar's mother while she was out gathering water from the river and that darkening my best friend sought his revenge and paid the ultimate price for the rage that had covered his eyes. I still look upon that brightening with great sadness as my heart weeps every time I see my best friend running and shouting down upon those rocky slopes, a spear clutched in his hand. I had tried to talk him out of it but the anger had taken him, the hate of aeternia fueled his desire to take away that which the mercenaries had taken away from him.

I watched as my best friend was slaughtered upon that mountain pass that fateful darkening. I was supposed to follow him down into that pass and attack the mercenaries, to take them by surprise. We were young and foolish and while I could not comprehend the blinding ire that filled Kolar's heart, I realize that if I had followed him down that mountain pass, much more would have been lost than just my own soul or his. I had a vision last season in Zinn'Sunn, at a statue they call "The Luduan Statue". It is an ancient monument within the Kemite culture. Some say it has been in the city before its founding but I know that what I saw when I shed my blood upon that stone, upon that rocky horn, I knew that what I was looking at was another reality, another possibility. I had confessed my regrets, my sins and as I looked down in remorse for my actions, I found myself standing upon the great peaks of Centripax along side Kolar, spear in hand, much much younger but still possessing the state of mind, my knowledge, my wisdom that I have now.

It was quite overwhelming, being there staring back at your own past, feeling the regret creep upon you and almost bring you to tears. I could feel the cold wind upon my face and even though I gave up a good argument, Kolar had still made up his mind and this time I could not let him down but fate was not meant to give one a second chance. It was fate's purpose to show you what was and what could have been. I had frozen myself before upon that ridge and in the end my best friend had been gutted like a pig. This time I ran down that mountain slope, tossing a boulder and roaring at the top my lungs like the warrior I imagined I would have been. The result was only more sorrow. Several of the younger children and cousins of mine, including Treska had followed Kolar and myself to the mountain pass, curious as to our intentions...They had been caught in a rock slide from the boulder I, myself, threw. I could not believe my eyes as I watched them be immersed within the rubble, covered entirely by the landslide that overtook them.

It was then and there that I could not regret my own past actions and that I could not dwell on what was and what should have been. That is how I live my life now and it will always be that way as long as Aslan sees it fit for me to continue in such a fashion. Even though my best friend died that brightening and that my abandonment of him still shakes my very core, I know that Kolar would say to me that he was glad that I did not follow him down that slope. I know that he was there with me and that he saw rock and boulder alike crush our friends and family to death. He knew the consequences of his actions and he knew what was to be and I will always remember him for his bravery and courage and sometimes if I listen closely while I lay awake in my bed, I can still his shouts of glory that pierce my soul.

Chapter 2
Date: 14th of Imperos, Autumn, Era II of Era XIV PF

Chapter 2: Proving one's self

Once I came of age to take Rite of Age rituals, I was sent upon the wilderness by my father, my mother reluctantly agreeing to the decision as she did not want to see me suffer. This however a chance to prove my skills, not only as a hunter but as a warrior, a true Giant, worthy of the title and worthy of the honour that would be bestowed upon me when I returned from the four brightening long excursion.

I had been escorted to the north, about a three brightening walk by a Giant's stride to a high mountain valley in beginning of Autumn approximately fourteen eras ago. I was left to fend for myself with nothing but several hides and my thick skin protecting my body and a dagger. Everything else was taken from me. No water, no food, nothing. It was quite an exhilarating experience now that I look back upon it, the snow white caps of the mountains stretching as far as the eye could see, sending shivers down into my spine. As a younger Giant, i had been somewhat dreading the brightening but when it did finally come, I embraced it as it were my own brother and in the end I emerged victorious, conquering the elements, shedding my own blood to forge my own destiny, my own way in life.

At the ripe young age of 62 ordinations, I left my home village of Mohkrem after realizing that if I wanted to fulfill my potential as a Giant and as a future warrior of the Empire, I would need to leave the mountains and head for the larger cities of Centripax to get a better hold on my dreams. After a good six or seven brightenings of travel, I found myself at the city gates of Zerdargia, home of the Dwarves. I had never been outside my village in any sort of capacity so I was quite overwhelmed at the prospect of beginning a new journey, a new facet of my life. I ended up joining the Veldar Elite, one of the best trained military organizations in all of the Empire and I met a Dwarf there by the name of Norin Beldwhig during my tenure as a member of the Veldar.

He was a sturdy Dwarf, quite hardy, friendly and after a while we became best friends. One would think it odd for a Dwarf and a Giant to be best of friends as their worlds would have been practically polar opposites of each others. However the differences in our lives created a much larger bond that I had anticipated. He was my first friend that I had made since I arrived in Zerdargia and to think that I had almost stepped on him in the middle of the streets of that Dwarven city. Norin is now a Senator in Primus Gaudeo and recently held a ceremony after the attack upon Zerdargia, honouring those who fought and died for their city and its people. I was amongst those who took up arms but I shall go into that a little later on, as there are more pleasant topics to discuss.

I was trained in the Veldar Elite in the art of war, one of the men who has molded and shaped me into who I am today is none other than Sergeant Antin Setik. He was an aggressive little halfling who liked to yell quite a bit and tell us about his war stories in the wars of the forgotten past. He may have been mean and unforgiving during my training but it taught me a lot about life, about respect, about honour, hard work and it made me realize that I was to dedicate myself to something, I could achieve it with greater ease if I allowed myself to get past that breaking point, that pinnacle of exhaustion. It was a difficult process in the beginning as I was not used to such training but by the time I was deemed a soldier worthy enough to be called "a veldar elite" I had become so much more than what I could see.

Being a private within the Veldar Elite was not as illustrious as it may have sounded when I first joined, as my initial rush of adrenaline that had brought me to that point had started to drop and my mental pace had declined. After a few months, I asked for a leave of absence from the Elite to go explore on my own and wound up traveling a bit, mainly north to Carmelyn Province. It was there that something spectacular and special happened to me, something not bound by the restrictions of words or speech. I had been traveling north for a good cycle through the Hinterlands when I came across a group of rangers patrolling the forest. I was interrogated but was soon deemed a low risk however I can understand their attitudes, as most of my kind have earned a bad reputation in the past.

I was told that they had a small village amongst the tree tops and that I was welcome to trade or visit. Intrigued about the prospect of seeing new places I followed them to a village that was elevated upon wood and interlocked branches of the forest, all self sustained and supported in the high canopy of the Hinterlands. It was quite an amazing sight to see such things existed, hidden away from the world as we know it. They had a pulley like system that brought visitors up and down from their sky top village which I remember now had a very beautiful view from the top.

It was there amongst the green heaven that surrounded me that I encountered a unique creature, beast, creation of Carmelya, however you wish to describe him. I had been shown an aviary that had kept animal companions of rangers who had fallen or passed away, kind of like a sanctuary. I was told that if I were to walk through the sanctuary and open my mind and soul to those around me, if I was lucky enough, I might be chosen to become a bonded companion to a creature living amongst them. I had at first thought that it was somewhat foolish but as I stepped through that doorway of the sanctuary, I could feel the thoughts and feelings of several of the beings that were perched and sitting in their own respective corners. I walked inwards, closer and closer, I could feel a spirit unlike all the others and as I turned around a corner, I beheld a magnificent sight.

A very large Golden falcon descended from a high perch above me and landed upon my shoulder. I could feel the bird of prey's thoughts seeping into my mind, my memory, my entire conscience being melded into that of one singular unit. At first I felt like resisting its intrusion, but it was not an invasion of privacy; it was more of a melding of thoughts and feelings as they all became together in a mixing pot of emotion. I did not know what to do or think at that very moment but as I stood there and looked at the shimmering feathers of the bird and its unblinking brown eyes, I knew I had found something precious in life. Then came that first word, that first thought that came into my mind and made itself present: 'Serale.'

I definitely could not believe what I was hearing within my own head. The bird had spoken to me, as if it were a dream but I was not dreaming. He had no real name, as his former master had not given him the luxury of owning such a thing. So I named him Hakan, an ancient word within my culture that translates roughly into 'honour' in Common. In the beginning of our journey together, it was quite fickle, not knowing one another truly until each other had prodded each other's thoughts and so on. After a while I had discovered that I could 'telepathically' communicate to Hakan, as all I had to do was concentrate briefly and send my thoughts to him in the simple forms of speech as we all speak in on a brightening by brightening basis.

Ever since that fateful brightening amongst the forests of Carmelyn, Hakan and I have been bonded for several eras now and continue to enjoy each other's company. We have been through thick and thin together and I would have it no other way. I cannot imagine the brightening that might eventually come when either of us departs this world and the devastating that could occur afterwards. I do not like to dwell on such thoughts as the sadness I feel, Hakan feels too after all.

Chronicle Entries

1st of Junctior, Season of Autumn Era XV PF

Things have escalated, de-escalated...

Problems are abound and I have found no answers beyond all of the questions that I have asked.

I find myself in the middle of many wars, some personal, some not. I have become lost in a sea of chaos created by Jorel and his minions and I can barely lift my head above the water's surface.

The constant threat of rebellion has the newly formed Kingdom on edge and our new Prince is doing everything he can to quell it. I cannot condone such traitorous actions by one man but I can no longer help. Sir Syndicus has taken the necessary steps to capture the soldier behind all of the plotting and I have stepped aside. It is no longer my fight.

There is however, one fight that is all mine and more.

The Wolf still lingers out there...Somewhere he is in a dark den, waiting for me to make a wrong move. My dreams still haunt me from that brightening atop the Forge...The spewing lava invades my mind and burns away reality, giving way to only pain and fear. I try to think of Lenara but the piercing eyes in the dark storm clouds above tear into me like daggers...I wake up with the feeling of being stabbed and my shoulder still flinches every time.

I have not felt so burdened but I push on. I will not compromise, not even in the face of armageddon, I will never compromise. Never.

The holy spirit of Aslan's warriors gives me the strength to carry on, his will to be carried on by my hand for the rest of Eternity. His courage lifts me further than I could have ever imagined. For so long I have yearned to show that I am worthy of his love...I have not died yet. I must be doing something right...or wrong.

I now sit here wondering what I am to do after I take a step through that doorway and outside this palace. I told Lenara I would return within a months time and I do not break my word. She has said that she wants to take a vacation...Go to a place where even the word of the Prince of Aelyria cannot reach me. Perhaps it will be a good thing...Perhaps my mind will be more at ease...I think of my Jehj'qa more and more. Her face floods my mind every candlemark of every brightening. I am truly blessed by the Gods to have found someone who is so accepting of my love.

I only hope she is not the next victim in my path in life. That is the one true burden I carry every brightening and I cannot think but continue to think about it. It pains me to realize the frigid truth and if the wolf begins his hunt, I am afraid...in the end, there will be nothing but sadness.

But nothing ever ends my Lord...Nothing ever ends.

26th of Ponutis, Longest Winter Era XVI PF

I have been reborn and in many ways, I have yet to live still.

My perception of this world has changed...I can no longer think of things as brightening and darkening, up or down. My rebirth in the Forge has brought things to the Light, things I still do not fully understand. I sacrificed my body and soul upon that mountain top and I was blessed with a gift from my Lord and Saviour. It will be something that I will cherish and it will serve as a reminder that second chances do not come lightly or as easily. Mortality is a fickle thing...Anything more than a whisper and it can vanish just as easily as the suns set beneath the horizon, guided by the hands of immortals.

I cannot worry myself over life and death. I will continue to pursue the goals that I have set out for myself, despite the Wolf that continually hunts me and I him. I cannot help but wonder if we will be stuck in such a cycle for the rest of our mortal lives. My enemy has an unbridled lust to end my existence and as I sit here, wondering why this is, I come to the conclusion that what he said upon that mountaintop must have been the truth. Did the Lion betray him in the end? I find myself conflicted, not wanting to believe that abandonment was not justified, that betrayal was for naught. Surely he deserved it...Surely the Wolf howled back at the wrong moment in a fit of scorn.

I can only look forward and know that what I do is much different from his past. Doubt cannot exist in my life, because doubt wears on the soul like the witnessing of a death; like a love lost...Experience this too many times and you cannot escape that which waits for you on the other side. I fear that this is how Fidelis became entangled in such a disastrous web...I know that deep down, a piece of him still believes in the good that this world has to offer but that doubt that I have shunned, he has embraced, ending what would have been a shining light amidst the stars. That light of his has now turned into a lurking shadow that could be around any corner...I fear that shadow will not only encompass me but those whom I share my life with...


I still cannot ignore the fact that she is endangered just by my mere presence. If I truly loved her, I would send her away, far away, so that she would be able to live a life of peace without the constant fear of knowing that her life was in danger each moment she stood by my side....I love her with all of my heart and soul...Agony berifts my body each time I must come to a decision about her safety, I do not know what to do. It is only natural to feel fear but I would ultimately perish at the mercy of my own wrath should something happen to her.

My prayers have gone into the darkening, every darkening for her protection and in Your name, Immanuel, I would give whatever was left of my own freedom to know she would be safe. My armour would be hers, my strength would be hers...My life is already hers...All that is left, well...There is nothing left but my will and my choice. If it was only possible to give an intangible concept to another; it would require the gentle touch of a God, a subtle hand of manipulation.

I give what I can to Lenara and to this Kingdom and while there are more open hands than I can grasp, I feel like the new hand you have given me, Lord Aslan, has given me the power to do so much more. With this, I pray, fight and will die once more in your name.


1st of Imperos, Autumn Era XVI PF
Arrival to Jaedaxia after the Sherian War

Things have changed...I have become dangerous. I can no longer trust my own abilities and powers to use and hold for the righteous in this world.

A few cycles ago, I managed to destroy tens of thousands of souls...With the flick of my hand they were gone, vanished into the heavy air with no care, no thought. Master Scythe cast the spell but I was the conduit...The means to which brought around the stripping of innocent lives. I cannot rid the images from my mind...Those empty faces and their incessant, drone-like stare. They were truly soulless as I managed to take their lives away in the blink of an eye....

Why can I not help this world?! It feels as though I have been hitting immovable walls. Time pushes onwards but I am standing still. My place in this world is waning...I cannot help anymore. I need more answers, I need to know why I have been stalled. I need to know why what happened, happened...

All of those people, all of those innocent people, they will haunt me every darkening, making the touch of my skin cold and my breath heavy. My concentration has wavered and I worry that every time I turn a corner I will see their dead faces, staring at me. There is an overbearing sense of dread upon the air that breathe, disbelief and a sense of loathing overcome me at the most unexpected of times. The people of Jaedaxia were promised help but I can no longer deliver that promise. I have broken that oath to which I spoke months ago.

This...monstrosity, this...Knighted devil that stares at me in the mirror is not the same person that left the mountains of Centripax over six patterns ago. These golden hues disgust me, they reflect back at me every brightening. What I have been given is a curse, a tool to destroy this Kingdom, not mend it. For all that it is worth, I pray that the World Bound son has control of the Fates themselves, because I cannot see a good, bright-filled future with such an instrument of war hanging upon my shoulder. I must know its secrets and its horrors....

If Caron crafted this arm, if his sons gave it to me, I have them to thank...Aslan bestowed this gift and now, every time I sleep at night, I secretly wish he had not.

I sentenced those men to death when I took their souls. I will never be able to redeem a sin so large, not even in my own destruction.

May Aslan and his sons forgive me for what I have done. I know that I cannot.




Professional - Level 2

Break this down for me +2xp - Pending
Transfer of non-skill XP due to skill reformat - Sept 27, 2014 +11 exp

Total: +11 exp

Techniques Taught:

Level 1 - Novice

Learn to identify pockets of arcane contamination.
Learn construction and use of basic traps to harvest arcane essence from weak sources of arcane contamination.
Learn to create medium and basics of infusion.
Learn to Meditate and stabilize focuses using their Warping powers over the Material Plane.
Learn basics of stabilization of imbuements.
Complete focuses often display only minor effects of novelty interest but little direct use.

Spell Dissolution – A Spellbreaker’s ties to the Material Plane allows him to disassemble spells after they’ve been shaped and cast. The infinitesimal essences that comprise the Material Plane will speed the natural decay of a weave until its energy is dissolved and absorbed into the world at large. Spellbreakers are able to dissolve spells of an equal level.

Warp – Spellbreakers can alter the material properties of objects native to the Material Plane. Give time, they can shape wood as strong as steel or as soft and pliable as clay. These modifications, however, will never cross into the outright magical as the warping ability works by manipulating the basic structure of an object. Initially this is a slow and delicate process requiring great concentration, but at high-level Spellbreakers can warp material more dynamically.

Sense Magic – The Spellbreaker’s connection to the Material Plane allows them to sense the presence of arcanic contamination and extra-planar energy. This will generally manifest subconsciously though an experienced Spellbreaker may use their senses to determine direction and intensity.

Level 2 - Professional

Learn to distill and concentrate arcane contamination.
Learn construction of more complicated traps.
Learn to craft using mixed arcane contamination.
Begin to experiment in different medium compositions.
Learn basics of stabilizing enchantments.
Complete focuses display persistent effects of general usefulness.

Spell Bounce – As their connection to the Material Plane improves, Spellbreakers can deflect or redirect spells from their intended target. This may destabilize the spell and cause unexpected side-effects.

Unbind – Through necessarily dangerous trial and error, many (though not all) Spellbreakers have learned how to perform a twisted form of a standard mage’s Unbind to unlock the potential of the lucky few born with the innate potential to practice reification.


-Veleraen used to be a thaumturgist but his connection with the Plane of Life slowly degraded and was lost with the non-usage of his arcana skills. He retains the lore of his practices and teachings however.



Crystallized Oasis Fragments x3 (source of Necromantic & Elementalism Contamination. Spellbreaking seed.) - Link
Eyes of the Oasis Lord (heavy source of Necromantic & Elementalism Contamination. Spellbreaking seed.) - Link

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