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Mod/Players Wanted There's a monster in these woods (and it's me)

This thread requires a moderator. Other PCs are free to join.
For science, this is an experimental Sprite character. Also for science, here's an experimental sort of thread!

Just for laughs, Cordath is pretending to a horrible terrible monster that lurks in the Medonia Woods and gives a fright to anyone who dares traverse the paths at dusk. If someone happens to drop their stuff in the road out of escaping terror, all the more for her!

I'm not out to gain anything with this sort of thread: rather, I'd be happy to spook other PCs and/or give them a mystery to solve: a mystery that the players already know the answer to.

So let's collaboratively mod something, maybe a bunch of us! Maybe each of our characters has their own agenda here. Maybe we'll round-robin modding one another. Maybe the real monster is something else, and Cordath is tragically mistaken.

What do you think?
I could throw Nerine into this! If I have my geography right, she isn’t that far and could be there in late spring or early summer I think.

I might say she’s looking for some folk tales to maybe make a little pamphlet of them to sell in the bookstore. And I’d be happy to contribute to modding!
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