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The Kingdom of Horrors and Bad Memories (Indefinite)

Confederation of the Sherian
August 1, 2015 03:44 PM​

The Kingdom of Horrors and Bad Memories (Indefinite)

Shortly after this thread

The trek to the Sherian had been a long and quiet one. He had left the comforts of his own keep in Caronis to find that which had been plaguing this world; the Hourglass. Alrinyes had taken it in a fit of passion during the fall of Ainlar to spite the Aetherians and now Orestan, the Archon who had been tasked to keep it safe was now desperate to get it back for his master.

The only problem was Alrinyes was in Narim...

Whether she was there anymore, the Titan had no clue. Nor did he know whether or not she had heard him through the amulet, but he had to try. It was his sworn duty. He needed to prove to Orestan that he could be trusted once more. This was something he needed to do for himself, as he had also failed the first time during the Long Winter to get it back from Kalendryas. Now with Kalendryas out of the picture for the time being, Alrinyes was running amok, creating all sorts of havoc. Things had to change.

Narim itself was a graveyard; a city for the damned. The dead slept there, a city where Aeternia itself was linked to and if one wasn't careful, they could find themselves in Krypta; truly a trip Veleraen did not wish to take. Jalat more than likely hated him more than ever for what had happened at Narim. It was almost as if the God of Death had to open a hole so wide at Narim just to fit all the souls that descended to Krypta that brightening...

It still gave him shivers and made his nightmares worse the closer he got. Narim was haunted for a reason; Mr. Scythe. Duncan had been the architect behind what had happened, Veleraen having been the unwilling participant that enabled the souls of all of those who could not block out Srennius's intrusion to escape from their bodies and turned them into husks of their former selves. Veleraen had lost something that brightening when he saw the bodies fall like leaves in the wind, their minds gone and in their place...nothing. A trail of death had been left in the wave's wake when it exploded from the pair, traveling across Sherian and took everyone, animals...even the forests seemed to die slowly but surely. Ever since that brightening, Veleraen had swore that he would never return, as he did not wish to revisit Narim and the horrors he witnessed there but now he had no real choice.

Alrinyes was here, somewhere, and he had to find her before she did any more damage to the plane of Time itself.

As Veleraen approached Narim from the north, he could see the crumbled walls and the dead earth around it. Truly a city of the dead, he was not welcome here. The Titan of Aslan would be a beacon to those who sat in the realm of the shadows and Aeternia itself. And so first, he scouted to try and see what had happened to the city and what was going on currently. Hakan flew up high above and the Titan tapped into his mind and tried to see what his bondmate saw high above. "Tell me my friend, what is going on down there?".

The Giant tried to keep to the outskirts for now, hiding behind whatever he could but it was hard and he probably would already be spotted on approach from any direction but regardless, he tried. He needed to see if there was any possibility of getting access to the city now that the Sherian had been relegated to the realm of the wilds, effectively abandoned by the Kingdom.

August 2, 2015 11:31 AM​

Even for a Titan, an approach into Sherian was a lot more complicated than simply arriving at a destination. One did not simply walk into Narim. The province was rife with threats, from roving bands of orcs and bandits to hordes of undead that occupied vast swathes of land.

Veleraen's problems did not begin with arriving in Narim to search for Alrinyes. Getting there was a problem in and of itself. From where would he enter Sherian, and what sort of path would he try and take to get to Narim?

August 3, 2015 09:05 PM​

OOCApologies, I am so used to simply walking to places, I keep forgetting Sherian is still a land of the crazies

Veleraen's destination, while not easily reachable, had a pathway to it. The Titan simply needed to pick a way to go. The easiest way? Well, there probably was no easy way to Narim.

The first and safest part of his journey would be to make way for Candace's Respite and take the Khardran Pass which was still within Imperial control for the most part. Veleraen had taken this pass many times without much difficulty. The only problem was whether or not he wanted to go through the Sherian wilds or stick to the coast.

Inland was probably more problematic than the coast, simply because the northwest above Narim, from what Veleraen could remember, had not been hit by the death wave from the battle of Narim. It had simply been to the east and south, at least from what he had read of Imperial reports. But who truly knew? He hadn't been down there since that fateful battle and now he needed to get back in.

So Veleraen made his way west through the province of Maeve and then headed south and tried to follow the coast down south through the outskirts of Breecetoun. He had traveled through Breecetoun before but what remained of it now? He wasn't sure. So the Titan kept his distance and kept heading south, hoping for the best.

August 4, 2015 09:35 AM​

Passing through the Khardran Pass, at least, was no significant problem. Veleraen had likely heard that as of late even this place was no longer safe, caravans from Candaceburg that passed through frequently being raided and disappearing. As it was, though, it would indeed be the case this time as well that he passed through with no difficulty. Then again, he was also a massive hulking giant. Not quite as soft a target as a food caravan.

Getting to Maeve was simple. Going down the coast was not, Veleraen found, as he rather quickly ran into the problem of the roving hordes of undead that littered the countryside, hundreds of them simply loitering around, attacking anything that came nearby.

February 15, 2016 10:11 AM​

He had created this mess...

As the Titan had set his gaze upon the roving hordes of undead, guilt shunted itself into his chest and took over. What had he done? Eyes lowered themselves to the ground as he recalled that fateful moment when Duncan had taken everything from him. Sherian had been transformed in an instant from a thriving wilderness to a virtual wasteland of death and destruction.

The grunts and muttered shuffling of the undead broke him from his thoughts as he looked out and considered his options. The best thing he could do for these empty husks was put them out of their misery. They roamed this world seeped in nothingness; a meaningless existence that sought them to kill for no real purpose. He owed them more than what they deserved but the one thing he could do, was give them peace.

He looked around and found a higher spot or a hill of some sort, some place where he could get a sight and physical height advantage and then called out to the undead with a hoarse and very blunt shout to simply get their attention.

The Titan readied himself as he shifted in his armour and raised his halberd, pressing his back foot into the ground as he braced for the horde that was sure to approach at the sight of a fresh target for consumption.

February 15, 2016 08:03 PM​

This sort of penance was the sort of thing that might even take the giant a lifetime. The undead were near-endless, with almost the entirety of a province being rendered into unthinking, unfeeling undead. Not to mention the loss of the Imperial Mage Corps and whatever other travesties might have occurred in the aftermath of such an event. The province of Sherian had been outright abandoned afterwards, and only recently had there been inroads into trying to fix the mess that had been made there. With the thread of the Xet gone and all this business about the throne finished, perhaps there was finally time to fix the problems present within the Empire itself.

It was bloody monotonous work. The zombies weren't any particular threat to Veleraen but they were persistent all the same. Their numbers were sufficient such that the giant would have to spend a great deal of time dealing with them, but never quite enough to fully overwhelm him either. All the sound and the noise only served to garner all the more attention, which just caused more and more undead from the surrounding areas to begin to wander in his direction.

Rebels, former citizens of the Empire, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives, all people who once had lives of their own, all crushed to pulp by his hands.

February 16, 2016 11:50 AM​

He wanted to tell himself that what he did was for the betterment of the Kingdom...that cleansing Sherian of this menace to get to Narim was the best for both parties at hand. But Veleraen only found the horrible work of cutting down the undead soul-shattering, as with each swing he took with Ran'Kor, more and more truth struck true at his heart, making the pain of the past echo inside of himself.

Blood cast itself upon his form as he cut through the horde like a hot knife through butter. He simply stayed in the same area and cut and cut until the horde was thinned enough that he could walk south and out pace the horde, cutting more and more as he went towards Narim. "They have to stop eventually..." He hoped at least.

February 16, 2016 05:23 PM​

Eventually, indeed, the tide of undead stemmed. Veleraen was surrounded in a sea of blood and gore, untold dozens, likely hundreds of zombies having been rendered into nothingness by the giant. Even now he could see their bits and pieces flopping about on the floor, still consumed by the gnawing hunger of their undeath - something that would never cease until they were completely and utterly obliterated.

Arms that continued to try and claw at him, legs that kicked at him, jaws that gnawed away. Anything that Veleraen left behind could potentially prove to be a threat to somebody else. But perhaps he was finished with the violence, and would simply move on now that the path was reasonably clear.

But if the giant went further south, he would have to do this again. The undead were too innumerable, and he far too ostentatious.

February 17, 2016 11:46 AM​

His chest heaved with regret as he cut down the last few corpses and looked out to see the death he had wrought. As he had done the deed, tears had descended from sullen orbs, guilt pushing them outward in a trickling flow.

Now they mixed with blood and gore as his once fairly clean appearance was now marred with war and death. He took an aetherium hand and wiped off most of what was lingering on his frame and looked down to see the limbs that still flailed about, trying once last desperate time to wreak havoc on the world. Veleraen went around and stomped and crushed anything else that was moving so that no hapless travelers would become victims to his mess that he had already created so many eras ago at the battle of Narim.

Then the reality of things hit him; he would have to do this many times if he wanted to get to Narim...He looked off into the distance and no doubt found more silhouettes on the horizon waiting to meet the edge of Ran'Kor.

"Feth." Veleraen could not get the image out of his head, of a huge streak of dead bodies all the way from the Sherian border of Maeve all the way to Narim. Would he be known as the butcher of Sherian after this? Or a warrior determined to right the wrongs of this land? Alrinyes was still lurking, supposedly in Narim but getting there was going to be painstaking and tedious. He needed a better way...A more efficient way.

He knelt down amongst the gore and eventually simply sat down to calm his chest that was still rising and falling with the adrenaline of the past, many candlemarks.

After a while of pondering, the Titan set up camp a ways away from the scene of battle and cleaned his armour, ate and would arrive to the conclusion in the morning, that the only way through was cutting a path. He had no real means of dismantling the undead en masse but he could probably out pace them as he walked, which meant that he could bait them into following him to Narim at a distance.

So instead, he braced himself after his morning rituals of prayer and a bit of food, the Titan readied himself for a blood bath.

His plan? Simply keep walking and cutting to out pace the hordes that existed in front of him. He would make his stand at the end, a ways away on the outskirts of Narim and cut them down as they walked towards him.

February 17, 2016 08:16 PM​

Another day. Veleraen was easily capable of outpacing the zombies, able to keep himself in front of them. He'd hit a snag relatively quickly into his plan, however, noticing that there seemed to be small towns and villages in his path.

Which he was dragging these zombies right into. That would probably be bad for the villagers.

February 19, 2016 11:14 AM​

Not long into the Titan's foray into the wilderness to drag the zombie horde along behind him did Veleraen realize a rather large flaw in his plan; there were still inhabited areas in Sherian that were in his way.

This would prove a rather large obstacle in getting to Narim.

He swore under his breath as he came over a ridge and realized that a town was not far away now. So instead, the Titan made a decision to commit to something that he silently swore he never wanted to do. He couldn't allow any more harm come to the remaining, living residents of Sherian, therefore there was only one solution left: stand his ground here and make sure that the rest of the horde he was dragging behind him didn't reach the towns ahead of him.

If he could clear this batch out and make sure the area was secure, then Veleraen could move onto the next area. Hopefully by doing this, he would not only make the area even more safe (by clearing out the undead) but would also even open up the possibility for safe travel and trade to be conducted between Sherian and the rest of the Kingdom.

So it was settled.

Veleraen turned and brought his back to face those he wished to protect the most and braced himself for another slaughter fest. The monotony of slaying mindless husks was not something he wished to do for the rest of this journey, but it seemed that if he was going to clean up his own mess, he was going to have to ensure that those who had the life ripped out of them during the battle of Narim had peace once and for all.

February 19, 2016 07:54 PM​

The bloody task started up again, with Veleraen hacking his way through the ranks of undead that he had gathered around him. On the plus side, it seemed like they were totally focused upon him, utterly ignoring the surrounding towns and villages. This was good!

The bad part was when the villagers came out to attack him. And the Titan came to the epiphany that while, perhaps, some of the survivors of Sherian were exactly that? There seemed to be many others that weren't, not in the traditional sense. He could see that they, too, were undead, their bodies trapped between life and death. But these weren't like the shambling, mindless zombies that he had encountered thus far. They retained their sentience, they were organized, and quite frankly they were pretty livid at the fact that he was mowing down people who had once likely been their friends and family - mindless or not. They'd heard the commotion, seen the golden Titan doing his thing, and saddled up to go out and give Veleraen a piece of their mind.

They were already dead, after all. Their lives were already pretty much forfeit, and a good few of their number had probably gone crazy from the monotony of their undeath. Now, they had a target for their aggression, and they had no issue taking it out upon Veleraen. Perhaps some of them even had an idea of the role he'd played in their current state.

So. Would Veleraen treat them the same way he treated the hordes of undead up until now?

February 22, 2016 02:31 PM​

With every motion of his halberd, he not only cut away the threats before him but a little bit more of himself chipped away from inside. Slowly but surely the undead threat was being torn down but as he did so, his soul started to shrivel.

It became a living nightmare as he heard noise coming from the village behind him. "No....this cannot be!" Veleraen's swipes and hacks had turned him around momentarily and caught the sight of the villagers charging out to meet him; to harm him. In that moment, he thought that everyone here had been lost but he heard talking, shouts of actual people from this group. They seemed to be aware of their affliction, as if their souls had not been ripped but their bodies...Their bodies were transformed forever. Their anger leeched into the air like a rotting stench and Veleraen saw that if he did not defend himself from these people, he would be rotting in the ground.

"Please! I have come to bring them peace!" Veleraen cried out to the group who supposedly sought vengeance for their now truly deceased relatives and loved ones. But it seemed this time around, there would be no turning back. All he wanted to do was end this. They were all gone. The only thing that was left of these people now were their shells and these townsfolk had suffered greatly since the Sherian Secession war. They were not right in the head, lingering in the shade of death where madness was truly to follow.

They were truly lost.

"Please do not make me do this..."
Veleraen silently begged to whomever would listen. "I cannot...I cannot do this!!" The Titan felt emotion overcoming him as blood flew around him, his chest tightening as he continued to clear the wilderness of the undead.

When the Titan realized that there was nothing else that was going to stop these people from ripping him to shreds, there was only one thing he could do; defend himself. He did not take such action lightly however, as the pang of guilt tightened on his heart strings so tightly that he felt what he was about to do next would rip his chest in two.

Veleraen saw the villagers approaching and as they got closer, Veleraen backed away from the zombie horde and went at a ninety degree angle and then turned again so that he had both the horde and villagers in front of him. He continued to walk backwards and took whatever came at him head on. As the first wave of villagers hit him, his orbs watered and his heart trembled.

"Forgive me."

February 22, 2016 07:57 PM​

Veleraen was hardly in a position to be asking for forgiveness, what with the "I was responsible for nuking the province and more or less destroying the lives of you and everybody you ever loved or knew." Plus, he was going to totally destroy them right now! Not cool, man.

All things considered, it was a bloodbath. Not even their unliving rage allowed the former Sherianites to so much as scratch Veleraen, as he scattered their bits and pieces all over the countryside. Their screams of rage and fury would likely echo in his ears long after he'd crushed their skulls and silenced them, however, along with the rest of the massive horde of undead he'd caused to draw towards him. And even this was but a drop of water in the ocean, considering that he'd rendered near an entire province into these monstrosities.

The ground was soaked in blood and the scent of iron was rich in the air. Here and there were little twitches and gurgles from giblets and digits that remained on the floor. The screams of the unliving slowly gave way to laughter, laughter that Veleraen was all too familiar with. The sight of a laughing figure, of a portly man, at the very corner of his eyes, a finger wiping at the tears - but if the giant turned, it was gone, and the laughter ceased.

His suffering was naught but entertainment.

February 23, 2016 02:50 PM​

The Titan could not allow their perverted and twisted forms to remain in this world. Their very presence presented problems in Sherian and he had no other real choice but to cleanse this land once and for all. He did it all the while hating himself for it; cursing his past and the decisions or perhaps, indecision, that had caused all of this in the first place.

The bloodbath continued and Veleraen roared and shouted at himself out of frustration and anger, a fine red tinted mist starting to form as he deftly shredded and mutilated the rather helpless undead Sherianites. There was no satisfaction derived from anything he did that brightening, as his actions disgusted him. The stench alone made him wander a ways from ground zero and lift his helm and he spat out onto the ground as nausea over took him.

Then, as he stood there in the silence, an all too recognizable laughter echoed in his ears...

Veleraen swiveled suddenly but saw nothing but a glimpse. The laughter happened again and again and soon Veleraen found himself pivoting to try and catch the offender he only knew as the Corrupter. "Show yourself Heathen!" His jaw clenched hard as he barked out an order into the chilled air. Meephos was laughing at him. Laughing at his emotional distress. The Corruptor was now a true enemy and seemed to follow and nip at his heels whenever he had a chance. Veleraen saw him in shadows and out of the corner of his eye constantly, as if the shadow of Meephos was following him around, haunting his thoughts at every chance. But Veleraen would not give him the satisfaction.

His breathing slowed and his eyes closed momentarily, just long enough for him to calm his heart rate. His chest rose and dipped slower and slower until the adrenaline from emotional strain of putting all of those undead to rest, faded.

"You will not be laughing when I finally come for you Meephos...But this brightening I am still after Alrinyes. Consider yourself lucky."

Veleraen looked into the distance and realized he had quite the hike ahead of him if he was going to get to Narim and exact a lot of bloodshed along the way. But he was going to do what he had to do to get to Narim. He needed to parlay with Alrinyes. It was now or never and the fear of Sherian and his past was not going to overcome him.

So the Titan pushed on towards Narim. He had no second thoughts about cutting down any undead that attacked him, whether it was a mindless husk or a group of villagers who had lost their minds but not their sentience. He was going to clean up this mess once and for all.

February 23, 2016 04:07 PM​

Why wouldn't He follow Veleraen around, when the Titan was getting caught up in situations like this? It was free entertainment! The conflicts in Aeternia could get ever so stale, after all, mortals had a great way of mixing it all up and providing something fresh.

So! Narim. Plenty of undead along the way. The Titan went with a direct path towards the shattered city, which inevitably involved plowing through uncountable hundreds, thousands of undead. Could he have put a bit more effort into trying to go around them and take a more circuitous route? Certainly! But the more time he spent, the more opportunity for Alrinyes to slip through his fingers. Sherian was already lost. Surely he wouldn't fail in capturing the dark archon as well?

Well. On the plus side, from here on out Veleraen found that his enemies were only the mindless shambling undead. Either he was lucky enough not to encounter any more of the sentient variety, or they were wise enough to perhaps not get in the way of the giant hulking Titan who could pulp them. Not all had quite given up on their lives, undead or not.

It'd be a few days of travel regardless. Endless fighting punctuated by the need for sleep and perhaps the occasional wash. Eventually, though, he could see the ruins of Narim far off in the distance.

February 24, 2016 11:25 AM​

The trail of death he left behind him was gruesome but necessary. He needed to get to Narim to meet with Alrinyes. If she hadn't left already, Veleraen had wanted to meet with her. This madness had to come to an end. Perhaps negotiation was the only avenue left to get the hourglass back into the right hands and to end these rather disruptive changes to the time continuum of Aerysia itself.

As Veleraen settled down at the end of a rather long and bloody brightening of travel, he spotted the ruins of Narim in the distance. "Finally." The Titan gave a sigh of relief. He didn't want to run through Sherian again to slaughter more husks. Now he was within reach of his goals; whether he would truly grasp them was another matter.

He made camp and prepared to meet with Alrinyes the next brightening. When he woke, he dressed himself and dawned his armour as usual, however he wished to try communicating again using his amulet to see if Alrinyes would show herself outside the city.

Concentrating on the amulet, Veleraen again tried to reach out to the archon. "Alrinyes...I am outside the city to the north on the outskirts. I wish to speak with you about the Hourglass. I do not come bearing ill will towards you. I merely wish to exchange words."

He waited to see if Alrinyes would appear. If she didn't show, well, Veleraen was prepared for that eventuality too.
February 24, 2016 05:21 PM​

Adrenaline helped keep the Titan going, but even he began to feel the exhaustion after several days of straight fighting, carving a bloody path through the countryside. Veleraen was ultimately still a mortal, after all, although perhaps part of the taxation had to do with mental matters as much as physical.

Regardless, he set up camp at the outskirts of Narim, rested as best he could, and prepared to venture forth the next morning. The amulet returned not but seething silence once more, not so much as a word or sound provided in response.

So, what were his preparations for this eventuality?

February 25, 2016 08:40 AM​

Veleraen knew it wasn't going to be this easy but he had to try regardless. The amulet didn't work and so, the Titan was prepared to enter the city himself to try and find Alrinyes.

Now, the last time he was here, he had taken part in the battle of Narim, only to see the city crumble and turn into a ghost town - quite literally. Narim didn't operate with standard rules anymore. They worshipped death here, where the bridge between life and the afterlife was separated only by a large hole in the city where one could fall to Krypta if one ceased to be a part of the living.

Veleraen armed himself and approached the city gates, not sure what expect. He didn't want to have to force himself through the gates, so he took the less violent approach first to see what would happen. Aslan wasn't looked upon with friendly faces here and the Titan had to watch his step if he were going to gain entry.

February 27, 2016 10:32 AM​

There'd be somebody waiting there for him. It wasn't Alrinyes, of course, that'd make things way easy on Veleraen, and it seemed like these days nobody was ever going easy on the giant. Instead, he saw what seemed to look like a girl, although the closer he got the more mistaken that assumption obviously became. Certainly, it took on the form of a young woman, but the entirety of her body was composed of blood. He could almost hear it churning around, almost boiling with rage, and of course there was the maniacal laughter as soon as it saw him.

Always with the maniacal laughter.

"He returnsssss," Collette hissed, her voice sounding raspy and reminiscent of bubbling water. "How dare you show your face here again, bastard of Aslan? Was it not bad enough when your legions and your generals ravaged my city? You had to strip out the souls of everybody who was left, and stuff them into these mockeries of life?"

"You can wash all you want, but I can still smell it. I can still taste it. The blood you've shed on your way here drowns your very ssssssoul, Titan!" She shrieked at him, literally bubbling with rage at this point. "You will give me your life, Titan, for your sssssssins!"

March 1, 2016 03:49 PM​

His life had never been easy, not since the brightenings when he first left his own home in Mohkrem within the mountains of Centripax. The first brightening he had left had been the initial step in the hardest journey he could have imagined. Since then, 'life' as he knew it had been thrown upside down, with the hands of Gods reaching in and stirring the pot.

The first few moments in front of the gates of Narim were a little tense. To say that Veleraen had seen things around the Kingdom and the realm of Gods was an understatement but he had never laid eyes upon a person fully comprised of blood and blood alone. His stance shifted slightly as he regarded the form of the woman who greeted him with laughter. That laughter...it seemed to echo in his mind for what seemed like an eternity. Then, out of nowhere, the stranger greeted him with a rather hostile tone.

What was said struck him right and true in the heart. Each syllable struck him like a blow from a sword. It hurt him to hear these things but the truth was the hardest thing to hear. "You may blame me for what has befallen your city, you have that right but I will not surrender my life to you. My life belongs only to one God and that is Aslan. This truth, you cannot rip apart." Veleraen's voice carried itself with a rather harsh tone in return.

"I do not come here for your city but one of its inhabitants...Allow me to pass and I will not harm anyone else." The Titan doubted that this enraged being was going to allow him to pass, as it had just demanded his life as payment but he had to try before he resorted to the blade. Whether or not he could actually hurt the woman made out of blood with Ran'Kor was another issue altogether. He guessed he was about to find out.

He did not press the situation and instead watched and waited to see what this woman was going to do as he did not intend on being the aggressor at this stage.

March 2, 2016 10:10 AM​

By this point, naturally, Collette was no longer listening to him, suddenly leaping in his direction, trails of blood streaming out behind her as she flew through the air. "Die, die!" she howled with rage, moving with an inhuman speed as she suddenly came upon him. He could feel the heat coming off of her, the mere proximity between them causing his skin to begin to burn, the fiery vitriol that fueled her manifesting in a more physical manner.

March 2, 2016 10:38 AM​

In the end, hatred and rage overcame the woman and Veleraen found himself in a rather precarious situation outside the front gates of Narim. The intense heat that emanated off her form gave him a rather harsh surprise as Veleraen reacted instinctively to her charge; his eras of training kicked in.

He tapped into the Supreme and executed a rapid side step as he shifted his weight to the right and came across with a right to left swing of Ran'Kor, aiming for the horizontal plane of Collette's mid-section to see what sort of damage he could do with this being made of pure blood. He tried to get some distance between them, as he could feel the intense heat ravaging his body. He wasn't sure what was perpetrating such a manifestation but something else was at work here.

March 2, 2016 07:24 PM​

Veleraen's saving grace was, perhaps, his size. Against a smaller, normal-sized opponent, the heat that came off of Collete was disorienting, debilitating. But to somebody like the Titan, it was just painful. A bit annoying, but nothing that he couldn't deal with, nothing that the Supreme couldn't overcome. Not to mention that even if she had reached him, she couldn't have cut him to ribbons as easily as she might have a more ordinary-sized warrior.

Really, it was all mostly a moot point, as her body seemed to more or less totally disintegrate as Veleraen's weapon smashed through her, rendering into her nothing more than a thin red mist. Well! A bit more fragile than the Titan had anticipated, perhaps, but he'd not really held back at all.

But it wasn't really a victory, as he could see her form coming back together again, reforming her body. It'd take but a moment or two, Collete snarling at the Titan. "Such halfhearted swings... feel my wrath!" Another blind charge at him, bloody claws extending from her fingertips.

March 4, 2016 01:11 PM​

Veleraen wasn't sure what to expect as his weapon cut through the air and hit the bloody form of Collette. He watched as Ran"kor collided with her body and a misty haze of blood exploded everywhere. His follow through slowed and then came to a rest as the Titan gazed at what remained of his opponent. "Well....that's tha-"

Eyes re-fixated on Collette as she suddenly began to slowly reform before his eyes. Veleraen gave off a rather disappointed sigh as he watched her body come back together and then followed it up with a good mocking of his combat ability. It seemed almost futile in the sense that if he kept swinging she would simply keep coming back and they would be at this until Jalat came for him.

Instead, the Titan formed a quick idea in his head: "Purge by fire."

As the woman began her reckless charge at him once more, Veleraen turned sideways and pointed the palm of his right aetherium hand directly at her. He tapped into the Supreme, igniting it as it usually did and this time, shunted a portion of his reserves through his body and manifested it in holy flame as he had done so many times before in previous battles with the Wolf of Eunesia and his assault on the Jorelite temple in Prime province.

It was time to give this woman peace and he would do so by boiling the blood so that it could not come back.

March 4, 2016 06:58 PM​

Collete was already boiling (literally!) with rage, and igniting her only seemed to exacerbate Veleraen's problems. If nothing else it was certainly hurting her, her agonized screams only growing all the louder, but whether or not it was actually doing anything to affect her ability to come back if the giant swatted her away again was certainly debatable.

Either way, she was still here, only her form of blood was now wreathed in fire. If anything, that might have made her more of a threat now.

"You... I'll kill you!" Collete shrieked, words quite literally sizzling as she staggered towards him. No tactics, no cleverness, nothing but pure rage fueling a simple charge.

June 3, 2016 10:25 AM​

When the flames touched the bloodied figure of Colette, Veleraen figured it would finish her for good, however, something rather unexpected happened. The woman started to boil but she did not dissipate. Instead, she grew hotter and filled with more rage, screaming in agony as she charged once again.

"Stop this madness!" Veleraen quickly tried to side step again, using his long reach and smacked her with his halberd as it was easy enough to predict the path she was taking; straight at him.

They could be at this a while.

June 3, 2016 02:12 PM​

There was nothing but furious screams from Collette as she charged right for Veleraen again, a single swing from the giant enough to disintegrate her body, only for her to reform once more a little distance away. It was obviously not working, but in her frenzied state of mind she couldn't think of anything else to do. It was definitely shaping up to be something that would take a while...

...until Collette was impaled mid-leap, a spear falling out of the sky and stabbing straight through her midsection. She was stuck to the ground, and something about the spear prevented her from getting out of it. Was it... the INFINI-

No, it was some other spear. Carved out of a strange black metal, glowing green runes etched upon it, mist gently billowing off of it. A horn sounded nearby, something that sent chills running through Veleraen. Not something that happened all too often.

"The Hunt has finally found its prey," an authoritative voice spoke out. The Titan felt the temperature around him dropping, the color seeming to fade from his surroundings as things took on a misty grey. A horseman rode out from the fog that seemed to have settled around him, a man dressed in black plate armor atop a demonic horse of blue flame.

"Jalat has come to enact your toll, Titan."

June 3, 2016 02:44 PM​

The Titan was preparing himself for another re-direct of Colette's charge when a rather odd thing happened. Orbs sullied by war watched as she was pinned to the ground by an ominous looking spear. It must have been arcanic or even divine in nature to do such a thing as he watched Colette squirm on it, unable to move.

Then the horn.

Veleraen looked back and turned towards the source of the sound as his skin rattled and shivers ran across him like water in a flood. It was a soul-binding sound, one that was unpleasant not only to the living but the dead as well. The air chilled along with him and fog descended from seemingly nowhere.

That voice that broke through the fog made him stop in his tracks as he was slightly confused, until the God of Death was mentioned.

"Jalat has come to take me?" Veleraen turned to the horseman as he prepared himself for the worst. "I belong only to Aslan and Aslan alone." His feet started to tingle as he anticipated that the horseman was going to make a move.

"Perhaps I should not have told a lot of those people to say serale to Jalat all those eras..."

"I do not submit myself to Jalat's will. You can try to take me if you dare but it will be the last thing you see before I send you back to your master. I promise you that." Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to come back to the city of the dead after all. Narim literally was crawling with Jalatines...the realm of Jalat not far behind.

"For what reason does he come for me?"

June 3, 2016 04:41 PM​

"For the people of Sherian," the horseman said quite simply, even as his steed trotted over towards Collette.

"He is mine!"

"Silence, angry one," the mounted man said, taking hold of the spear. "Your anger is directed at all with no particular target in mind. This prey is ours." The spear glowed a bright blue, and Collette was frozen solid. The spear was wrenched out and she was shattered into numerous pieces, although without any doubt she'd be fine once she properly melted.

More horns sounded, and the Titan heard the sound of hooves. More members of the Hunt were coming.

"You have done more damage to your god than any other," said the man of the Hunt. "For a man of honor, you leave a sea of red in your wake. Judgement has come for you. You are given one last chance to submit."

June 9, 2016 01:31 PM​

"Prey?" They must have been Jalat's hunters, those who tracked down and took souls for those who escaped Jalat's judgment or wronged him truly.

The reason for which they came did not surprise him in the least. Jalat probably blamed him and Duncan for what had happened but it was not of his doing. Perhaps it did not matter to Death whose fault it was, there just needed to be a scapegoat. Truth in all matters was important to Veleraen but when it came to Jalat, death was but the only truth to him.

"I was not a willing participant in the death of all of those people during the Sherian War! But of course it probably does not matter to your master. I was involved and that is that, yes?" Veleraen's words were not scathing but were tinged with an edge of annoyance. "The man you seek for the deaths of so many is one Duncan Sythe! He is the one who orchestrated the flood of souls to Krypta. I had no part in his decision or actions and I certainly did not intend on such an outcome. I came for peace and Duncan Sythe gave them the ultimate outcome of peace...Life in the undead."

Veleraen could hear more hooves rumbling behind the rider and now there were more to contend with. He sighed as he looked to the rider. "This is the truth. If Jalat cares anything about Justice for the atrocity that afflicts him and Krypta, he would be wise to seek out those truly responsible." His words were firm, as he tried to reason with the hunters who considered him their 'prey'.

"I saw Death's call for balance when he caught Materna trying to overturn the rule of Law in the heavens. You cannot tell me that there is not still a faint remnant of that reasoning left in his bones!" Veleraen tried reasoning first. He was beginning to learn that not everything could be vanquished with a blade.

"If it is balance Death seeks for those who died here, then let it be on Sythe's head, not mine!" The Titan's chest rose and fell with pride, as he felt unfairly prosecuted for another man's actions.

"But if Death must take a life for pure revenge of a tragic accident, then so be it. I will not submit! Try to take me if you can, but if you know who you hunt, you know it will not be easy."

Veleraen tapped into himself and activated his Aetherium Armour, summoning Aetherium in layers of plates as they cascaded all around him to form a glimmering, protective shell. Two large, white, translucent wings sprouted forth from his back, one of them limp still, as he completed his transformation. Ancient Aelyrian runes were scattered across his armour as it hummed with a radiating presence unlike any other. The Chains of Aslan burned across his form, radiating a fervor of energy as they sensed imminent danger.

Ran'Kor readied itself in front of him, as he prepared to defend himself but took no action until the full meaning of his words took hold.

June 12, 2016 02:15 PM​

"If only it were that intentions were the only thing that mattered in this world," the man noted almost mournfully, as the horns were sounded for the third time. The air around the Titan was quite chilling at the moment, his breath white in the midst of the fog that seemed to have settled around him. He'd notice no such thing from the hunter after him, nor from the steed he rode upon.

"You are a source of imbalance, nothing more and nothing less," the hunter noted. "But there are other tolls to be paid, Titan. If you will argue against your actions in Sherian, then so be it. But you cannot deny that you died at the hands of Fidelis that day."

More riders rode out from the fog now, four in total. The second was a feminine archer, covered in shimmering golden robes, her face hidden by her hood save for the glowing red eyes that peered at the Titan, mounted upon a drake. The third was a man who bore a massive claymore as big as he was with ease, covered in dark spiky leather armor, wearing a winged helmet and riding a large lizard-like mount.

The fourth was a young bespectacled man on a mule, doing calculations on an abacus. He shivered in the cold and sneezed.

"People who check in aren't allowed to leave," the archer murmured. "We are simply bringing you back where you belong."

June 13, 2016 09:07 AM​

"If only..." Veleraen mused to himself as he stared at the mounted horseman, anticipating only what he could describe as a battle for his life.

His breath pulsed in the air just as another horn sounded, three more figures arriving with purpose. Veleraen stared at each of them, the archer upon the drake, the warrior upon the lizard...and the curious man sitting atop a donkey holding an abacus. Even in death, there was a man holding an abacus. "I guess they have to keep track somehow..."

The mention of Fidelis stirred his soul, the hairs on his skin stiffened and he thought back to what it felt like when Death had truly been at his doorstep.

"If Jalat has a complaint about that, then he should take it to the big man upstairs." Veleraen half-shouted back, as he referenced Ioannes, who reigned supreme among the gods.

As the woman spoke upon the back of the drake, Veleraen readied himself. "Where I belong, is right here, upon Telath. If Jalat does not like it, then he can try to take me but I promise you, after we are done here, all three of you will be pleading before your master, begging for him not to condemn you to Krypta for the rest of eternity!" Ran'Kor spun about, as the sheen of his aetherium armour flickered, triggered by his movement. He gathered his awareness of his surroundings...the walls of Narim not far from him, the gate being right there behind him...all these things were important in defeating the messengers of Death himself.

It was not wise to back one's prey into a corner.

June 15, 2016 12:17 AM​

"It is pointless to seek out resolutions from those who will never listen." Did Veleraen think that Ioannes would really listen to Jalat when it came to this sort of thing, or most any thing at all? And wasn't it technically Aslan that He probably should have talked to, considering who was responsible for bringing Veleraen back?

Ah, well. The time for talk had long passed, it seemed.

Right then! The original rider took out a wooden horn, blowing it and causing a wave of cold to surge through Veleraen, stiffening his movements. The one with the claymore charged forward with his massive sword, even as the archer took to the air and the one with the abacus... plonked away at the beads, muttering to himself.

The hunt begins.

June 16, 2016 02:01 PM​

Clearly the complaint system didn't work.

It seemed that there was no talking his way out of this one. There was only one way and that was fighting his way out.

As the horn blew from the rider's maw, Veleraen felt like he was stiffening up like a board, as if magic was paralyzing him slowly but surely. To try and overpower the feeling of being frozen, the Titan tapped into the Supreme and shunted a small amount of his reserves into his limbs to keep him limber and accelerate himself instead of de-accelerating his movements.

He watched as the archer took off upon her drake. He would have to keep an eye out on her the most, as he made for a large target and it was more likely to be her that would pierce his armour than anyone of the others.

As the warrior upon lizard-back charged, Veleraen used his reach and when they got close enough, he swung low in a feign in the hopes of drawing his mount up into the air out of instinct. This way it wouldn't stand much of a chance to maneuver when he quickly spun and executed a brutal and swift uppercut with the axe head of Ran'Kor at the lizard's neck, in the hopes of taking out his mount. If the warrior wasn't mobile, it would be easier to track both him and the other two.

June 16, 2016 07:50 PM​

Veleraen's Supreme seemed to relieve him of the stiffness that the horn had inflicted upon him. Not it was just a matter of hopefully being able to keep track of the multiple opponents all around him.

A low swing! The feint didn't seem to work, the rider purposely stopping the mount a moment early to prevent it from rearing up. The claymore swung down to meet the axe and Veleraen found himself momentarily stopped - but, in fact, the giant was stronger, this much he could tell. Commit more power to it, and the Titan could easily break the deadlock in his favor.

But there was still the archer to watch out for, as he felt something bounce off of his back. Thank goodness for armor! But with all of the fog in the way, Veleraen couldn't actually see her... one wondered how she could see him in turn.

June 17, 2016 10:34 AM​

The Titan's feign didn't work as planned and as he came up with his axe and committed, the claymore came down and deadlocked them. Fortunately for Veleraen, he was stronger but it didn't mean he had to overpower him to win this fight.

The sheepish grin that overcame the Titan's face was hidden by his aetherium helm but it was quickly followed by a dipping of his wrists, allowing the Claymore to slide down briefly as he flicked and rotated his hands to turn the axe head in such a way that exposed the underside of the axe blade and came up just as quickly to interlock it with the claymore's blade edge and then tried to rip it from the man's grip as he tried to remove the lizard-riding warrior's weapon from his hands.

Veleraen felt a pang echo off his armour as the archer was busy already taking aim through the thick fog that surrounded them. It was no doubt a making of Jalat's minions but even if they created the fog how could she see him? Well, the Titan had a hunch that they could probably see the souls of people already defying the laws of Death. Whether that sight extended through weather and other conditions, the Titan could not speculate. All he could do was try to keep moving and hope that she didn't have as good an aim from the back of a flying drake.

June 17, 2016 07:26 PM​

The claymore went flying as a result of Veleraen's move, but flew through the air and found itself back in the warrior's hand before long. As it was, it seemed he wasn't really the sort of person who preferred mounted combat to begin with - it was more of a motif than something he necessarily liked. He'd launch himself off of his lizard towards the Titan, aiming for a powerful downward swing down towards him.

Veleraen spotted the first rider circling around to his left side as well.

June 24, 2016 02:59 PM​

He grimaced as he watched the claymore circle around, in magical fashion, back to it's owner. It must have had some sort of return enchantment on it, which was something Veleraen was thinking of doing in the future for Ran'Kor. But for now, he was faced with an escalating situation, one where he was being encircled every second he didn't act.

The Titan braced himself again as he the man upon lizard back leaped off of his mount at the Titan, aiming for a brutal downward swing. Veleraen reacting instinctively, brought Ran'Kor up to meet the weapon with the intention of bracing against the attack and then raising his right foot up as he pushed with his left to kick the man straight in the chest and send him flying back towards the man on the donkey, hopefully crushing his chest while he did so. A man did not simply leap helplessly through the air at a Giant and get away with it.

Veleraen kept his eye on the rider that had started to circle, hoping to keep track of him as best he could.

June 25, 2016 12:11 PM​

The Titan's weapon clashed with the man's claymore, but just as Veleraen lifted his leg up to kick at the man, the warrior somehow utilized the mid-air momentum from the two weapons colliding to use his arms and lift himself up and over, Veleraen's foot hitting nothing but thin air.

That sort of thing seemed stupidly impossible, but then again here was a man wielding a claymore that was as tall as he was. It seemed it wasn't a perfect maneuver either, as he began to lose his balance, tumbling a bit - kicking off of Ran'kor in order to land at the ground a small distance away.

It was good that Veleraen was tracking the other rider, though, as he spotted the man lifting his arm up to throw his icy spear at the giant.
January 13, 2017 02:48 PM​

The Titan in the midst of dealing with the claymore fighter and his flying archer companion looked around just in time to see the spearman rearing back to hurl a wicked looking spear at him. Veleraen had a quick thought and brought his weapon up in such a way to angle his axe blade as he tracked the trajectory of the spear. He intended to use the blade head of Ran'Kor to deflect the spear away and towards the direction of the claymore fighter. Even if he wasn't able to get it right on, he wanted to use the spear more as a diversion or an interruption to whatever the claymore man wanted to do next. If he happened to impale himself doing something, then even better.

Veleraen positioned his body on an angle as he brought up Ran'Kor to initiate the deflection so that if it went horribly awry, he could pivot a bit more away from the spear as it came, positioning it to his left flank rather than taking the spear face first.

After the deflection, he activated his Rhasa'Shing to hunt for the archer in the sky, hopefully being able to pierce the fog that surrounded them and see the archer's colours in the heavens above.

January 14, 2017 07:54 PM​

The spear was successfully deflected but disappeared while headed towards the claymore wielder, instead reappearing in its wielder's hand. His attempt to track down the drake-riding archer was far more successful, allowing him to pinpoint her position high above the fog, just as she launched another projectile at him.

One glowing arrow split apart in the sky, suddenly becoming a dozen wailing projectiles, the sound telling Veleraen where they were but unnerving him all the same, sending a shiver through him as they shrieked towards him. This coincided with yet another throw of the spear from one opponent, while the claymore wielder... stuck his sword in the ground?

January 19, 2017 02:21 PM​

As the spear disappeared and re-appeared in its owners hands, Veleraen had a haunting suspicion that these warriors had weapons that would not leave their side. Instead of focusing on disarming and then acting, he would have to go straight to the heart of the matter.

The shrieking from above signaled danger and as he witnessed the claymore wielder stick his sword in the ground, the Titan had a bad feeling about all of this.

Tapping into the Supreme, he kept most of his attention on the rider in the air as she whirled around above the fog. In those precious moments, he shunted a large portion of his reserves into his lower body, focusing his strength and mobility aspects in order to achieve the necessary results.

He pushed off his left foot to leap and avoid the incoming missiles as he tracked the rider in the sky, held the major of those energy reserves and then unleashed it all at once to give him an injection of thrust. The Titan leaped as soon as he landed and launched himself into the sky on a trajectory close enough to the rider in the fog so that he could use his halberd to knock her out of the sky, perhaps even taking her by surprise in the process. He needed to inject a bit of chaos into the order of their aggression as the Titan was getting pinned down.

As much as he liked order, combat was never truly won without improvising.

January 20, 2017 07:16 PM​

Because the chilling fog and the four warriors sent by Jalat to send him back to Death hadn't given Veleraen a bad feeling at all. Maybe it had all been an elaborate prank, and they were just here to give him a cake or something. No, no, the guy was sticking his claymore in the ground, this was bad news.


People who flew usually didn't expect people on the ground to join them up in the air. Especially not massive metal giants. That just wasn't a thing that was done. And to be fair, Veleraen was very close to not doing it - the Supreme only went so far, and he was very heavy, and she was very high up. But they didn't call it the Supreme for nothing, after all, and while he got the impression that he might need something of a break before he could use it again?

Hello! Admittedly the launch up had been rather unwieldy and Veleraen was a little off course. He successfully utilized his halberd to knock her off of the drake but smacked her in the torso with the handle of his weapon only - although that was probably enough to shatter a few ribs, normally, to be fair. So she plummeted, he plummeted...

...hm. The ground was approaching pretty quickly. Who would win in a fight, the Titan of Aslan, or the earth?

February 24, 2017 01:25 PM​

OOCI totally missed this....lol man I'm blind!

Perhaps he hadn't quite thought this through...then again, combat involved split-second decisions...some good, some bad. This decision to launch himself into the air...he hadn't decided yet. He had to see how it turned out first.

The rush of flying high up into the air was something that the Titan had always enjoyed. Not just because he weighed over two tonnes and had always envied his bond mate Hakan's ability to fly but the rush of coming at one's enemy when they weren't expecting it was always satisfying.

The crushing sound of his haft hitting the midsection of the woman atop her flying mount made him grim momentarily as she went flying off into the mist. Then came the real deal breaker; how did he plan to land without cratering into a pile of flesh and bone?

Ground was approaching fast and Veleraen did the only thing he could do. Feet out-stretched, he prepared his body to cushion the blow by bending his knees and preparing to execute a roll. He tucked the haft of his weapon into his stomach so that the head and tail of his weapon were sticking out left and right, using it almost as an axle of sorts to keep him centered. As soon as he hit the ground, he tried to bounce up as best he could and execute a forward roll and tucked his shoulder in. He knew it wasn't going to end too well, as armour had a tendency to make one a little less flexible than one wanted to be, but it was his only real option. Instead he braced for the worst and prayed to Aslan that he didn't die in the process.

February 25, 2017 12:04 PM​

Veleraen discovered that giants had never been created to be airborne creatures. Luckily, the efforts that he made prevented him from simply becoming a terrible smear of blood and viscera on the ground upon landing.

On the other hand, well, he was pretty sure his legs were broken at best, at least one of them anyway. It certainly hurt quite a bit, and rather hindered his mobility. But the rest of him was still working, at least, and his weapon was still quite functional. So that was a plus, right?

Meanwhile, the falling woman fared quite better, as one of her companions was able to catch her, although there was a fair amount of collision damage there - nothing quite along the lines of what Veleraen had gone through, though.

February 27, 2017 11:49 AM​

He had flown before but not this high.

Gravity was a terrible thing and before the Titan knew it, he was plummeting towards the ground. The impact was terrible and he could hear bone break in one of his legs, if not both. Plate armour only did so much to protect from the outside...but somehow he still managed to feth things up.

He tumbled and roared at the top of his lungs as he clutched at his right leg while laying on the ground. His left leg while it hurt, the Titan wasn't sure if it was broken or if it just took a little less of the impact as his right did. Either way, he was in a lot of pain and the Titan was running out of options.

Panic had begun to try and dig its claws into his him as his heart beat with the thunder of a thousand storms inside his chest but he drew a deep breath inward as he tried to calm himself as he had done so in many battles before, but now, the circumstances were a bit more dire.

Using his polearm like a crutch, Veleraen tried to pull himself up into a kneeling position at first, putting a little bit of weight on his left side to test it and see if he could stand. Eyes scanned around him to see where his enemies were at and whether or not immediate action was required for his defense. If he got out of this alive, he would need to make a better plan next time if he decided to try and fly.

February 28, 2017 07:29 PM​

Right. So.

Mobility hindered. On the plus side Veleraen had managed to give one a good whack. Her compatriot had caught her and, despite the hearty smack that had resulted, neither of them seemed to have retained any particular serious damage. So it was still basically four on one, except his 'one' was a bit less than that, and they were still pretty much at four.

Not the greatest situation to be in. But, Aslan helped those who helped themselves! Or, you know, something like that.

As the Jalatians took a moment to reorganize themselves, the one with the abacus suddenly looked up into the sky. Shrouded with fog as the area was, Veleraen couldn't see anything, but there was suddenly a tingle in the air, a strange energy that suddenly manifested itself in a massive burst right in front of him, like a lightning bolt out of the sky. There, suddenly, a man stood, completely clad in shimmering black armor, his helm stylized like a lion's head, his face shrouded in the darkness of its jaw. He was not as tall as the giant, but would have towered over the average man.

"Finally, back to war." He turned around, holding a hand out towards Veleraen. "Stand, Titan. Whatever happens now, kneeling is a position only suitable before Aslan Himself."

March 1, 2017 02:18 PM​

Veleraen could only watch on in shock and disbelief as he saw the other Jalatine help his formerly flying counterpart up as it seemed that he had not done as much damage as previously thought.

This made a lump form in his throat as he tried to harden himself to the potential reality of things; that he was most likely headed for Krypta this brightening. He had begun to steel himself to embrace the truth of the situation when something amazing happened.

He looked up to the sky as a burst of light stunned him in his seated position. It struck the ground and out of nowhere, a blackened figure appeared. A monster of a man, not bigger than Veleraen but clearly a warrior that any man would follow into battle. The Titan gawked for a brief second as he had not been expecting reinforcements. He blinked once, twice...his curiousity rising steadily as to who had come to his aid.

A voice spoke and a hand extended itself, which Veleraen brought himself to meet almost immediately after the brief moment of shock wore off. A golden Aetherium hand slid into its digits into the warrior's own and pulled himself up to a standing position, not daring to disobey such a command. Using his not-broken leg as the pillar to help him stand, Veleraen did his best to stand as best he could and stand next to the mysterious warrior who had descended from the heavens to fight along side him.

"Thank you." Veleraen ushered a quiet prayer to his Lord, as he realized that without assistance, he was surely doomed to live in the domain of the dead.

He refocused, took a deep breath and followed his counterpart's lead, as he was now at a large disadvantage. He shifted his mentality to defense and defense alone, hoping that whatever came his way, he could fend off until they managed to gain an upper hand. Using his halberd as a load-bearing staff, he withdrew a giant-sized dagger from his belt into his left hand in anticipation of having to defend himself. He would need to utilize his halberd as a pivot as he would have used his own right leg. Hopefully he wouldn't need to use it but could see that the fight was far from over...

March 3, 2017 10:30 PM​

Despite the man definitely being smaller than Veleraen, and Veleraen being Veleraen and all, the man's grip was strong and able to help get the Titan back on his feet.

"So, your Prince would interfere with the Hunt?" the mounted Jaltian noted coolly, although the presence of the newly arrived man gave them pause. The balance of the situation had shifted. "It is to be expected - the Titan did not return on his own. But it is disappointing nonetheless."

"Wrong," muttered the one in the back, flicking away at his abacus. "Get on with it, Lion Baron. We have other places to be."

"Always so perceptive," the Lion Baron noted, crossing his arms in front of himself. "I suppose with you here, that makes things easier. Regardless of the problems one might raise against him, he is needed nonetheless. The balance shifts too much in one direction - he is needed to hinder, perhaps reverse it."

"My proposal is this, Titan!" The Lion Baron spoke aloud, addressing Veleraen even as he faced the Jalatians. "Sonos is in greater peril than ever before and Telath faces a crisis of faith. Despite what has happened, we need everybody that we can get. It will not do for the Jalatians to continue this vendetta - and so, a deal. They stop hunting you - and in return, you help them with their work. The Titan, on loan, to assist with the reclamation of those who should belong in the Lord of Death's domain."

March 6, 2017 10:46 AM​

The Titan stood in silence as it seemed that the balance of the battle at hand had shifted in his favour for the time being, as the Jalatians paused and brought forward conversation instead of weapons of war.

Eyes wandered to his Lord, Aslan himself, as Jalat's lackeys seemed disappointed in his arrival as he took away the fun of the hunt, if they even could 'feel' that exhilaration in the first place.

Veleraen dared not interrupt as the matters of Gods were still above him. Whether the truth about his return was valid or not, the Titan knew he still things to complete here on Telath before his time in Krypta began. His Lord knew this all too well, as he was here to make sure the tide did not shift too far in the Aeternian's favour.

The mention of Sonos pierced his heart as it was still a very touchy topic for him. What he had done there was unforgivable in his mind but still, he was still earning his Lord's favour...even now as he had come down from Aetheria itself to protect him from Jalat's reclamation team for those who had escaped Jalat's clutches.

His Lord's suggestion as a resolution to his being hounded by death somewhat struck him as a surprise. Work for Jalat? Hunt the damned himself? This was an odd solution. He took a heavy breath as his Lord spoke and while he did not necessarily agree that this was the best use of his time, he could not deny that his Lord was negotiating on his behalf against Death himself.

"If this were to settle my debt with Death, I would be willing to assist. I am not above such a task. I have taken on trials for my Lord and I will assist Jalat with those who need dispatching from this life to return to Krypta where they belong." As much as he hated the idea of hunting people down and killing them, it was better than being in Krypta himself.

He silently awaited the response of Jalat's hunters and his Lord to see where they stood.

March 8, 2017 04:35 PM​

"So it is decided," the Lion Baron spoke.

"So it shall be," the abacus man responded, even though it seemed his other companions wished to speak. He straightened his spectacles, pulling out a piece of paper and a quill and beginning to scribble upon it. "Hm, let us say, the Titan is allowed to decline a Hunt when it is conducted in a manner disagreeable to him, or against a target he fundamentally cannot Hunt... but, given he has escaped twice... factor in the interest... we will need to participate in a total of four Hunts to cover his debt." They wouldn't force him to act dishonorably, for the most part.

Acceptable? Just sign here, as the man held out the contract he had written up. It was written in very plain, concise language, and was exactly what had been discussed.

March 8, 2017 08:00 PM​

It all seemed a little too simple. Promises were one thing...but it seemed Death dealt more in the legalities of binding contracts than anything else. Veleraen didn't like signing pieces of paper but it seemed at this point in the game, he had come too far to back out now.

He was willing to make the sacrifice, to balance the scales once again and if he had to hunt down some poor souls to make that happen, then so be it. It might have been the conditions for the Titan that made it bearable. Be able to turn down a hunt? He couldn't let that fool him as it seemed that with all contracts, there was always small print hiding somewhere.

Veleraen looked it over with a fine eye but the pain in his leg was starting to tear at him from within and so with that, he decided that it was worth the risk.

"Very well."

He took the quill from the abacus man and signed his name upon the parchment.

Veleraen, son of Khreytek

He took a deep breath and looked to his Lord once again, wondering if this was truly all going to go away.

March 9, 2017 04:27 PM​

Once the paper was signed it suddenly immolated, and with another burst of fire two copies appeared, one in the hands of the Jalatians, another in the hands of the Lion Baron.

"We'll be in touch."

And it seemed that was that, as in a swirl of fog they disappeared, along with all the cold and the gloom and everything else that had come with the Hunt, simply leaving Veleraen at the outskirts of the dead city of Narim.

March 9, 2017 08:00 PM​

Eyes went wide briefly as he watched the contracts go up in smoke and copy itself to the hands of his now allies and the Lion Baron. He watched as the Jalatines disappeared in a storm of fog.

Veleraen took a deep breath as he let those words settle inside his mind for a moment. What would he have to do? Who would he have to hunt? These things and more were swirling through his head until he realized the Lion Baron was still standing there beside him.

"Please forgive me ignorance, but I do not believe we have met before." The armour or appearance was not familiar, albeit his Prince took many forms but he had a feeling that this was not Aslan in front of him by the way he had spoken earlier.

"Thank you for coming to my aid. I could feel Death creeping closer and closer every brightening since I returned to this world...I supposed this is a meager price to pay compared to being banished to Krypta."

March 11, 2017 03:10 PM​

"I am who I have said I am," the figure noted, "and I have said I am the Lion Baron." At least Veleraen was right in the fact that they'd never met before, though. There were probably plenty of champions that the Titan was unaware of.

"There will not be a third time," the Lion Baron cautioned the Titan. "This is a time of crisis. Do not forget that."

March 11, 2017 04:39 PM​

The Lion Baron seemed to be a man of few words...that he could respect. Veleraen didn't particularly like making chit chat either but as he limped and leaned against his halberd, he could only hope that this was not his final conversation with the mysterious figure.

"Please forgive my ignorance..." He bowed his head slightly out of respect.

The Baron's remark about the time of crisis was not lost upon the Titan. He too knew the risks by being a player in this war. He was almost banished to Krypta. That alone was something that could not be ignored.

"I understand." The Titan nodded in acknowledgement of the Baron's warning. "I will do my best to be more careful." He grunted in pain as he shifted his weight slightly, as he could feel the adrenaline wearing off. It wouldn't be long before he was in shock from the broken bones in his leg.

He thought momentarily about asking for the Baron's help again with his wounds...but he didn't look like the healer type. His pride might have gotten the best of him that brightening.

"I best make haste to safety and make camp...thank you again... for everything." His breath was a bit laboured but his best chance was to make camp and meditate so that he could slowly regenerate his wound to the point where he could walk and then set back for Caronis. This land was lawless with no other allies here. He would not survive the trek on a broken leg. It took him cycles to get here, exhaustion and loss of blood would take him before he made it a hundred miles north.

March 12, 2017 04:11 PM​

The last parting gift from the Lion Baron, then, resulted in a loud crack from the Titan's leg as some magic was woven - it didn't hurt, but it definitely felt weird, as bones realigned and healed. Veleraen didn't need to rest at all in order to walk again. He was right as rain.

"If we are lucky, we will not need to meet again." With some people, that was just how it was.

March 13, 2017 02:47 PM​

Veleraen stopped mid-stride as he felt his leg reform itself. He could feel the bone literally snap back into place and after the odd process was done, he placed weight on it and he could walk again...

He looked back to the Lion Baron and nodded again in thanks.

"If we are lucky..."

The Titan could feel as though the Lion Baron was not the talking type and turned back and began to head back home. Lessons had been learned and now a debt to Jalat was carried upon his shoulders as well.

March 13, 2017 09:25 PM​

And so it was.

+2 xp towards any relevant skill

SoF updated.
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