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🌶️ Sporty, haughty, naughty [Daffydd]

This thread contains significant descriptions of sexual content.
Summer Era XXVI Post Fractum
Ziel Aerca, Moonstone
Content Warnings
NSFW - Explicit Sexual Content
Situations like these truly highlighted the differences between the orthodox Alitheans of old, and the new breed of Alitheans under the current Champion. It was rather hard to imagine any seasoned Vysstichi of the Temple of Carnal Love in Har'oloth willingly getting on her knees to service an orc. Or at the very least, the context of the scenario would have been entirely different. Perhaps a priestess would have been willing to do so as a matter of currying favor or acquiring information - there would have undoubtedly been a practical element to it. And it wasn't hard to imagine that most of the conservative dark elves would have been rather repulsed by the act, a fair number of whom in Sliucha's experience preferred to not sully themselves with 'lesser' races. Sticking to Vysstichi was what they preferred - even other kinds of elves were dirty.

Thankfully, the ones who had been brought over to Sliucha's Temple really weren't of that breed. The vast majority seemed to have died with their Temple in Har'oloth. But just hearing the stories of "the old days" was enough to make Sliucha roll her eyes. How had the Ves'Alitheans of old managed to accomplish anything?

A far more tasty (in Sliucha's eyes) scenario definitely involved an orc warlord pillaging the Temple of Carnal Love and forcing himself on whatever Vysstichi High Priestess might have been in charge of things, mating pressing that dark elf pussy on some altar until she was ahegao squirting herself silly as that big fat orc cock pumped her pristine cunt full of greenskin jizz. Sliucha felt like there had been such pretentious airs put on by the Ves'Alithean elites, who expected those of high station to be almost aloof with their passions, demanding respect, power, and authority from those beneath them.

Sliucha really wasn't about that. Case evident by the fact that she was currently willingly on her knees blowing an orc for no other reason than she liked sucking cock.

Hearing Bloodmoon growling so bestially, knowing that he was enjoying himself? That was fun. Her mouth full of that virile masculine taste? That was fun. Smelling that potent musk? That was fun. Feeling him pulsing and throbbing between her lips? That was fun. Tasting her own cunt on his cock? That was fun. Feeling the strength in his hand, feeling the power in his hips as he began to fuck her face? That was fun.

There was so much fun to be missed out on when you were a prissy little bitch. Why not gutter slut it up a little? Why insist on having to be in control all the time, why demand that you always have to be the dominating top? Why not try reversing the roles for a bit? Well, the answer was obvious. The Ves'Alitheas had approached the matter far too pragmatically, always wanting something out of it. The Vysstichi in general tied up politics with everything - it permeated the very way of life in Har'oloth. The Temple of Carnal Love, for all its religious trappings, was just another institution of their culture. The Ves'Alitheans had been just as much about politics, intrigue, backstabbing, and deceit as any other aspect of dark elf society. It also just so happened that they were ostensibly Alitheans.

If only somebody had started them on a regimen of guzzling orc jizz! Maybe it'd have saved the Temple of Carnal Love. Well, Sliucha would pour one out for them, and do it in their stead.

And if a mess was made, the only recourse would be to clean it up, of course. Sliucha having a jizz-splattered face wasn't much of a problem, but surely they could do something about Bloodmoon's crotch here. She'd hold herself in place until the orc had squeezed out every last drop between those slurping, milking lips of hers before pulling herself back and jacking off his slick cock as those same lips and tongue dutifully, thoroughly, gave him a washing.

Mmmmmmwah~! One last kiss on his nuts and Sliucha would pull back, sucking on her fingers like she'd just finished a delicious meal. One 'clean' orc, and one very 'dirty' Sliucha.

"I think that should be sufficient for now," Sliucha noted matter-of-factly. "Would you agree, Bloodmoon?"
Very interesting perspective from the Champion of Alithea and her school of thought, which one could say, was a representative of the New Wave of Alithean worship? One that favored pleasure for pleasure's sake first and foremost, and the aspects of politics and station to be removed from one's sexual preference and practice? Because indeed, the High Priestesses of old would never get down on a 'dirty' orc, or such lesser races at that. But would they allow themselves to be plundered by the likes of such gargantuan and delicious pulsing pole of muscle, far superior than any of their ilk could ever muster? (No offense to Vysstichi men, but seriously? Some may boast Big Dick Energy like a certain Governor's husband from the Arium realms, but 'Big Dick' was never their racial perk!).

Maaaaaybe? Just that, even if so, it would be in a manner that certainly reminded everyone in play who exactly was in charge. Topping from the bottom so to speak, Dominatrix style!

Such were the drawbacks of the haughty and pretentious Ves'Alitheans of Vysstichi Culture. Finding themselves suffering from the same problems of every other system out there, be it Imperial Politics, or even those that labelled them heretics, the Church of Faith.

But that was the problems of the Mistress of the Temple of Sinful Delight's fellow Alitheans. What about the likes of Bloodmoon though? Because it didn't look like he was the type that would get on his knees and suck cock either. And this should have nothing to do with politics, but personal ego. Or rather adhering to a savage culture that believed "Might is Right". Survival of the fittest! The strong ruled and the weak was conquered. So to remain dominant was to represent strength, and to be in a submissive position was a symbol of defeat?

Did Bloodmoon honestly believed in such? Only one way to find out!

He was panting so heavily, each exhalation was accompanied by a throaty ggrrrr, by the time Sliucha had finished completely 'cleaning' him out. And by clean it was just his pipes and balls. The external portions though? Glistening with much slick saliva and cum remains, could actually do with a real proper cleaning up with water and soap, but Bloodmoon was not complaining. Shiny and moist crotch aside, he looked presentable enough, though a little sweaty. Just ignore the strong musky spunky boy smell though!

"Agreed!" he panted, bits of drool still dribbling from his fangs and chin, both from the exertion and sheer pleasure of getting his dick fellated by the likes of an Alithean Champion. For free too! Best job ever!

"Real nice of you boss! So I go back to my post now yah?" He sort to confirm with his Mistress (Lady Boss) again. And this time Bloodmoon would really stoop down to pull those pants up and around his moistened loins. The huge pecker disappearing from sight, as it got swallowed by modesty. Boo! Bye Bye orc cock! And by Sliucha's permission, Bloodmoon would return to his post, unless....? Lady Boss had something else in mind? More sex? Different assignment? Just chit chat?
Something else in mind? More sex? Different assignment? Chit chat?

All of these were things she could do, certainly. But it was also true that Bloodmoon did have a job to do. It wasn't as if they couldn't catch up later, after all. A bit of fun to keep up morale, but for now?

"For now," she'd smirk at him. "Back to work with you, Bloodmoon. Keep up the good work, okay?"

As for Sliucha? She'd see about getting washed up a bit before head back on down. When you had these upstairs rooms specifically for this sort of purpose, you did also make sure to provide some washrooms for people. She'd get herself freshened up before wriggling her way back into her clothes and returning to the grounds of Club Vibrato. Bloodmoon had been a wonderful distraction, of course, but she did have just a bit of responsibility here too.
"Okay boss! Will do!" the orc grinned. "Maybe we continue, another time?" he added, the grin picking a cheeky but hopeful vibe.

And so Bloodmoon would dress up and get back to work... but as he did so, at one point after the burly orc had turned his back to the lady-boss, there was a slight wardrobe malfunction moment and Sliucha could actually catch a glimpse of the orc's muscly taut buttocks. And ooh, what was that?

It looked like a birthmark? Or an orchish tattoo of sort? Or a scar? Like a brand? Was Bloodmoon branded, like one would do to livestock? A practice commonly done to slaves or property? It had the shape of a crescent moon, rising from the skin like a badly formed keloid in a dull red hue, with patterns upon it that may be orchish runes. That was on one cheek. And the other? A stamp that looked like the sigil of a House, with a very strong Vysstichi vibe to it. So two "markings" total, on each of Bloodmoon's sexy rump!

Why hadn't that been noticed before? Well maybe because, Bloodmoon was no bottom-bitch going face down, ass up and presenting his buttocks for a thorough inspection like some of the Club's cupcake bois. Not to discriminate against another's sexual preference, but Bloodmoon was an old school orc. Civilized, yet traditional. A dominant, macho, top-only, Hunky Big Daddy. So unless Bloodmoon had allowed Lady Boss any kind of ass play, that nice butt with strange markings had gone unnoticed...until now?
Oh, come now, no need to act like they didn't fuck on the regular. There wasn't really any need to be 'hopeful' about it! "Of course, Bloodmoon," Sliucha smiled, sticking out her tongue playfully. No doubt they'd do this again sometime soon.

As for the markings on his rear? Curious, certainly - but there was a time and place for asking about that sort of thing. At the end of the day, it was mostly a matter of whether Bloodmoon wanted to offer up that information himself. As long as it wasn't a matter that might concern the rest of them somehow, there wasn't really any need to push it, was there?

So for now? Back to work!


Once Bloodmoon's shift was done near the end of the day, Sliucha would invite him to have some drinks with her at the bar. Something to relax with after a long hard day's work! Only if he was interested, of course.
Back to work!

Professional orc bouncer on the job! All focused and professional like.


Work's done. Bloodmoon was ready to head back to his quarters, probably take a shower before unwinding, when he received the invitation from the boss. Oooh? Drinks? Dinner? Fancy! Absolutely no reason to turn that down, so Bloodmoon showed up of course, in his evening best. A nice zoot style suit to fit his massive frame. Complete with a cute little bow tie. An absolute contrast to the orc's scary mug. Just because he was orc, does not mean he should not look presentable when dining with the Lady Boss right? Bloodmoon knew a thing or two about fashion. He is a Gentleman Orc after all.

"Gud evening!" he greeted Sliucha on arrival. "How is your day boss?" Very civil and polite opener, to mask the shifty glances at her cleavage. No doubt, Bloodmoon was secretly salivating at the prospect of railing her again. Afterwards! Dinner first. And a nice conversation to go with it too?
Sliucha had just meant the bar at Club Vibrato after work, but Bloodmoon was free to dress up for that as well, after all. Just because he worked here didn't mean the orc couldn't put on a nice suit when he was actually here as a 'customer', right? Because the entertainment rotated day by day, some days the club really was the equivalent of a fancy restaurant. At the moment if they wanted to get dinner, they could even do so with a jazz band playing in the background.

They could start off with some drinks. Sliucha would get a bit of vodka. Thoughts on what to get for dinner? How about nice steak meal course? Did Bloodmoon feel like anything in particular?

"Pleasant, thanks to people like you," Sliucha grinned. Most of her day had been spent going over the Club Vibrato operations, and the presence of people like Bloodmoon made sure that everything was running nice and smoothly. The bouncers in particular, of course, helped make sure that nobody came around to cause trouble and the like. A very important role for any business of this variety, where people could wind up getting a little raucous with all the alcohol flowing and all the titties on display. "Uneventful days are wonderful days."

Boring was best!

"Our little session upstairs wasn't too distracting for you, was it?" she'd tease. "Didn't spend the rest of the day fantasizing about me, did you? You made sure to work properly?"

Ah, here came the drinks! Sliucha would make sure to pour some, wait for Bloodmoon to do the same, before proposing a toast. "To Club Vibrato!"
Oohh yes steak would be nice! Bloodmoon did not mind that at all! Bloody rare too! He sure loves his meat, just as he liked it raw~

And yes, definitely vodka! Bloodmoon was orc! And prefered strong spirits over dainty wine or any of those ladies drink, sweet cocktails or the likes.

"Awww, thanks!" the burly orc gushed at the compliments, and one could swear his thick greenish cheeks just turned a shade or two pinker! "Uh, I mean... ya welcome boss!" he quickly added again, clearly not one who did not know how to take compliments without being awkward. Maybe it was just orc things? Cause, do they even compliment each other in Orkon with fancy words?

At the mention of their session, or the fact he could be fantasizing about her instead of focusing on the job though, he turned red indeed. Uh oh! Looks like someone may have actually been distracted! And was fantasizing about another session where he could bang her juicy cooch silly. Yanno, if Sliucha bothered to do a little footsie under the table, specifically the crotch area, she might find a steadily tenting pole.

But anyways! To Club Vibrato! Bloodmoon would join in the toast, and perhaps to save face from being caught with his pants down (so to speak), after having taken a good swig of the (without a doubt) quality vodka, would reach into his pockets to procure what looked like a small satchel? "I found this off some unruly patron! Caught trying to spike drinks with roofies. I got the bugger booted and his shit confiscated, but this thingy is different?"

If Sliucha was to open the bag, she'd find a few sticks of Candy Cane?

"One of the patrons told me this makes sex delicious!" there was that desirable glint in the orc's eyes.

Sliucha gains some Sexy Candy Cane! Makes sex taste like candy cane indeed. Minty! The recipe is easily reversed-engineered with Alchemy, thus Sliucha also gains the recipe to create them!
A steak dish to wash down with some vodka, then! They could get a nice premium cut, perhaps do some roast potatoes and fried brussel sprouts as a side dish. Sliucha would put the order in, and the two of them could enjoy the meal once it came.

Sliucha appreciated people like Bloodmoon. Simple and straightforward, she'd always liked dealing with people like that. Some days she wondered what it might be like if she hadn't gotten into politics, had to deal with so much duplicity and intrigue - but then again, you couldn't really avoid that sort of thing, no matter what you did. Sure, these days Sliucha might have to deal with more of those sorts of people, but she'd have run into them all the same. That just made it all the more important to cherish people like Bloodmoon, right?

Especially when he was as capable at pounding pussy as he was.

Steak! Vodka! Sides! It wouldn't take long for the food to come out, and they could tuck into their meal as Bloodmoon talked about his day. As far as Sliucha was concerned, the best days were the ones where Bloodmoon didn't have anything to do - but she imagined the orc might be inclined to disagree! A compromise, then - the best days were the ones where Bloodmoon had something to do and nobody at the Club got hurt. It wasn't good if things got too interesting.

Oh. Candy canes? And Bloodmoon seemed to be expecting something.

"Well, I've never heard of anything quite like this," Sliucha noted, rather amused. Looking right at Bloodmoon, she'd grab one of the candy canes, giving it a nice, long, slooooooow lick. "Why don't we have some of these as dessert later?"

Sounded like they were going back upstairs once they were done with their steaks!
As Sliucha's peculiar long tongue glide up the sugary cane, with its colorful red and white stripes, she'd find the orc's clouded eyes just staring hard as his progressively laborious breathing. So heavy was it, that she could see those nostrils flaring, just as she could hear and quite literally see the exhalation of air, blowing the petals of the fancy flower deco on their table. Thank the gods, that no matter how big Bloodmoon was, he was still no demon or giant, with ridiculous erections could have easily lifted the table off all fours. And thankfully too, that the big burly orc was a Gentleman. And civilized enough to remain respectfully seated within his chair. Had he been a savage orc, he might have just fuck all protocols by ripping off Sliucha's clothes and have her fucked, right there right now on the table (not that the Alithea Champion might have minded? Though sadly some of her guests may take offense - they were at the fancy side after all!).

Such was the tension of the lustful buildup, that one of the Candy Cane's in the orc's large hands were subconsciously snapped and crushed and well... rather than throwing the pieces away, he shoved the entire thing into his mouth and munch on it with those powerful orc jaws. Crackle and pop went the thing. Huh. Delicious sex he said. Well, whatever would that mean? Perhaps they would surely know later? Once they have had their meal. And a nice talk perhaps?

Except Bloodmoon was your typical strong silent type. And it was not that he did not trust his boss, thus refuse to open up and engage in chit chat. Just that, he was the kind of guy who was more apt to act with his fists (and lower head), rather than with words. Therefore not a good talker. Perhaps a little more vodka and encouragement would do?

Meanwhile in the background, a slow chill piece was playing, helping to soothe those aching loins., while Bloodmoon munch on the candy and Sliucha licked and savored the cane.

Urm, were they having an uncomfortable silence moment?

Talk? No talk? It didn't really matter right now, did it?

What they needed to do now was politely finish off their meals...

...and go upstairs. Yes? Once the steaks were done, once they had a bit more vodka? Sliucha would dab at her mouth with a napkin before standing up and extending a hand towards the orc.

"Shall we?"
Thankfully service was swift and excellent (and obviously so, for it's the boss's order! Chop! Chop!). It didn't take too long before the meal was served, and despite all the orc's gentleman's behavior, once he really dug in, there was just that bit of Orkon savagery in him that almost served as a gentle reminder of Bloodmoon's true origins. Sure, he was pretty chill and civilized for his kind. But deep down inside, he was still orc. As they say, you can take the orc out of Orkon, you cannot take Orkon out of the orc?

But perhaps that was what got Sliucha hooked into? That raw primal, almost bestial ferocity, especially directed towards acts of sheer carnal barbarism. Nothing like a big mighty brute unleashing all that big dick energy all over and deep inside her yeah?

What started as cutlery in hands, knife and fork and all that, quickly descended with Bloodmoon just tearing that juicy and tender bloody raw steak with his bare hands. As long as Sliucha did not stop him behaving so. But it did look like he really was enjoying himself. Vodka? Sure! A glass? Yes please. As starters. Then it was just straight from the bottle. Fuck glasses.

But more importantly, on to the talking fucking!

He did not need a second invitation as he used his napkin to wipe his greasy hands, before accepting the hand. There was no verbal answer to her question, but that sleazy lusty look was all Sliucha needed to know~
It was hardly Sliucha's place to dictate how somebody ate a steak. It wasn't as if they were at some sort of posh dinner or anything, after all. They were just hanging out at the club after-hours. Who cared how Bloodmoon decided to eat in these sorts of circumstances? Plus, if it helped him finish his meal all the faster, wasn't that for the best anyway considering what their apparent plans were?

All done? On to his next 'meal', then? Take him by the hand and get him upstairs for the second time today! Find themselves an unoccupied room and make their way in there, close the door behind them!

No need to waste any time, yeah? No need to try and seduce or tease or anything like that. The two of them were for that nasty, bedbreaking, rough sex!

"Come on," Sliucha encouraged him, turning around and pushing Bloodmoon against the door, squatting down in front of him. "Fuck my face and give me your cum as dessert." She'd open her mouth nice and wide, tongue lolling out lewdly, inviting him to use her throat as his dicksleeve.
Push! And Bloodmoon found himself pressed against the wall, which was to say a bit of a surprise, coming from the likes of hulking big brute of an orc boy. That's some strength behind Lady Boss's more petite and delicate feminine frame. As an employer of Sliucha, surely he's heard of her reputation as a powerful Thaumaturgist, capable of holding her own if push comes to shove. So do not judge a book by its cover? No underestimating Lady Boss's strength!

But perhaps what was more surprising to the orc was her dominance. Sure, she might be the one getting railed by his massive pole, the 'bottom' so to speak. By no means was she a submissive, this was pretty obvious, no? Of course she could be one. But only because she allowed herself to assume such a position? Rather than being assigned the role by a Dom, like a typical Sub would (and by consent of the Sub if it was anything to go by the Alithean Champion's rulings!). So would that make Sliucha a "power bottom" in a way?

Given Bloodmoon's size, strength, prowess, racial stereotype and reputation, no way was he a bottom or a Sub, so to be pushed around by Sliucha was not something the orc was accustomed to. But the most surprising thing of all, he kinda didn't mind it at all! Actually, it was almost nostalgic even...

There was a guttural growl as he watched his "sex slave" prostate herself before him as if some conquered foe, which would make her his 'property' to be used as he liked. Or at least, the representation of it, rather than literally (because this was Moonstone, not Orkon after all!). Also, if she was truly a slave, she had no right to tell him what to do. So the command to fuck her served as a reminder of the reality? Meanwhile Bloodmoon had been around civilized folks long enough to understand now the difference between enacting a sexual fantasy, versus the real deal. Had Sliucha discovered a younger Bloodmoon, she'd find him... well, the sex would have been just as rough, but with zero compassion and the intent to rape being real. Any command would have been met with a backhanded slap and pushing would have seen Sliucha disciplined in a manner that made typical BDSM sessions a mockery.

Anyways that was the past! Present Bloodmoon? A Gentleman Orc, who only dropped his pants to reveal that massive prick because the Lady specifically requested for his Grand Orcship. The heavy meat, clearly having been confined for too long, burst forth before her eyes, to slap her on the forehead before sliding down towards her eager lips while leaving a trail of thick creamy pre across her face. Hands grabbed her hair, as he pushed his entire length down her throat with very little warning or preparation. Rough and musky orc pubes tickled her cheeks, for there was no holding back. He went all the way in, bottoming out in one smooth thrust.

Though at the very least, he paused then, if only to let her adjust and to allow her to savor this juicy steak before he face fucked her raw. Go on, suck on it. Feel free to fuck her own throat. Salivate all over that thick throbbing and veiny cock. Lick those salty balls while at it too. She have fifteen seconds to do as she pleased, before he resumed pulling on her hair, while he bucked down her throat at full speed right until he delivered her dessert. So chop chop! Fifteen seconds. Remember to take in a lungful of air because there will be no stopping then!
It definitely took a special sort of lady to even consider making sexual demands of an orc, especially from a 'submissive' position. It wasn't too difficult to imagine some sort of dominatrix in an authoritative position ordering an orc around as a way to showcase their 'power' in such a situation, after all. But on the spectrum of lovers, orcs were undeniably on the more vicious, violent and brutish end of the scale. It definitely said something about a person who'd openly invite for themselves to be ravaged like that.

Like, come fuck me up!

It hadn't been all that long ago that Bloodmoon's fuck-cudgel here had been plowing itself into Sliucha's cunt, after all. So when it was shoved right down her throat like that, she had to wonder, could she still taste her own pussy on his cock?

Really, she was a pretty simple girl at times. It wasn't too difficult to make sure she was happy. And for Bloodmoon, it was good to make sure his employer was in good spirits, yeah? The job was easy when all you had to do was whip out that fat green dick and she was all beaming smiles. Open mouth and sticking her tongue out and inviting him to use that throat of hers like a cocksleeve, treat her mouth like the cumdump that it was. Truly, he was a Gentleman Orc for obliging!

He'd even be so kind as to give her a few moments to get used to things, which Sliucha instead spent just totally deepthroating him. Not even trying to get any air, just keeping herself in place with his cock fully lodged down her throat. He'd be able to feel her mouth diligently sucking and slurping away, feel that talented throat rippling and quivering all along his shaft, milking him in place, feel that tongue of hers lapping out over his balls.

This was a girl with an oral fixation. Let's get started already!
For sure, Bloodmoon went back to work immediately after plowing his boss like no tomorrow just a little before/after Pracenda. He hadn't take a shower yet too, so that musky stench of sweat, cum and sex was definitely wafting off that pube filled groin. Cause why the fuck would an orc shave or pluck his balls? Bloodmoon is no elf-pansy with their boyish hairless smooth and glowing skin. He is virile stud of a male, with a fucking huge cock whose length was completely unhindered by his bush. Take that faceful of hairy throbbing masculinity! Just like the dirty slut she was!

Except... it was strangely not as smelly as she'd expected. Instead there was this odd fresh minty smell? Did uh... Bloodmoon patted down some nice peppermint-base Eau de Cologne on his crotch, like some civilized person wanting to stay and feel fresh, so his lovers need not suffer his stinky boy odor?

It was not just the scent too, it effected the taste? Even his pre was thick, so she'd have her entrees in the form of a nice fat muscuous pale yellowish glob slowly oozing down her throat and sides of her mouth. She just had a taste of him earlier, and he had been salty and bitter like typical cum, but this time he was all minty! It was almost like sucking on a gigantic candy cane! Or having one pushed down her throat.

How odd. Well it's not like Bloodmoon had scoffed down some suspicious Primeheims related candy riiiiight?

Anyways, fifteen seconds is up! Heave-hohoho~

Two hands gripped her hair on both sides, giving her a somewhat makeshift ponytail as he continued to push when there was literally nothing left to give, that the pressure of his groin was just pressing against her nose. And then.. SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK such was the intensity of the irrumatio, looking like she was going to be skull fucked to death. Those huge heavy balls swung so hard, it kept slamming against her throat because that's just how massive his cajones were. Sometimes it was tip to hilt, sometimes it was just half way through. Absolutely no pattern, just a blur of frenzied thrusting, without a shred of care given to her comfort or capacity to breath. Hey, he did warn her and gave fifteen seconds!

A minute, two... three? More? Well just when things may be going too far for the likes of even the Champion of Alithea could handle (#doubt), there was that tell-tale sign that Bloodmoon was coming, and lo! Splurt! All down her cocksleeve of a throat! Now something felt like there was something thick and slimy AND MINTY stuck in her throat. Like a whole toothpaste tube just got squirted down maybe. Except, it really do taste good. But there was still no overpowering Bloodmoon's own personal taste, so there was this somewhat odd mingling of mint and salt, that somehow went well together.

It just meant Bloodmoon had been working hard, right? No time to shower, no time to clean himself off since the last bitch he'd fucked - which had probably been Sliucha anyway. All of that unwashed musk, all of that sex stench, mingled in with the raw virile odor of the orc? Heady! A stinking hairy brute of a man, ready to violate Sliucha's poor little mouth. Even if the candy had affected things somewhat, it didn't really change the underlying nature of what Bloodmoon was capable of. The minty freshness was more like a garnish to the meaty meal that the orc was capable of preparing for her! A feast for every last sense. The sight of his powerful visage, the smell of his virile body, the taste of him staining her tastebuds, the feeling of him throbbing in her mouth and those powerful hands gripping the sides of her head, and the sounds of his groans and grunts mixed in with her gags and muffled moans.

Fifteen seconds, and ample warning provided, and Sliucha not wanting to pull away in the slightest. Well-aware of what Bloodmoon was capable of and wanting exactly that, and the orc hardly disappointed. Making sure to squeeze her down and cram every last inch he could in her throat, her nose tickled by his pubes, gurgling as she slobbered over his crotch - and then he'd get started with the pounding! GLKGLKGLKGLKGLAKGLRKRHRGLKGRHGKL~!

Eyelids fluttering, cheeks caving in as she sucked away furiously, tongue squeezed against the bottom of her mouth from the sheer force of the orc's face-fuck. Lips stretched thin around his girthy cock shaft, drool and throat slop flying everywhere as he churned it out of her oral canal, splattering over her face and dribbling onto her tits and splashing over his crotch, until everything was a bubbly frothing swampy mess. Slut-squatting in front of the orc, both hands behind her back as Bloodmoon used her mouth like the cock-wringing onahole that it was, sticky strands of pussy juice dripping down onto the floor between her legs as she got off on being used as a cocksleeve. A savage brute was using her throat as his personal jizzdump, going to blast his stinking sticky load into the back of her mouth, and was loving every moment of it.

Was it yummy? Certainly the way she was slurping and guzzling it down suggested so! Balls-deep ejaculation and Bloodmoon could hear her voraciously gulping it all down, lips squeezed around the base of his shaft as she succ'd furiously, tongue lapping at his balls to try and coax out every last drop. Gimme! It was like she wanted to suck him absolutely dry! Only once she was sure he was absolutely done would she slowly work her lips back up his shaft, sucking and cleaning him off with her tongue, before popping him out between her lips, giving them a sultry lick in the aftermath of the meal she'd just received.

Open her mouth and make sure he could see there wasn't any cum left. Swallowed it all like a good little whore! A few pubes stuck in there - what a slut!

Now how did Bloodmoon want to take his bitch next?
Ohoh? She even had her hands behind her back? Somewhat stimulating bondage perhaps? Like sex slaves having their wrists tied up so they cannot retaliate while they were forced to provide oral sex to their captors? Or was that some kind of challenge? A "look ma, no hands" kind of thing? To somewhat proof she can take this purely with her mouth only. There was no need to provide any further physical stimulation other than the raw sensation of a cock ramming down the windpipe. Because where sometimes hands and fingers added to the pleasure, there were moments when it can be a distraction. These was one of those moments.

What a beautiful moment too.

If only someone can paint a canvas of this right now. A perfect still image of a slice of life moment. Or rather smut of life moment?

The way Bloodmoon snarled, his tusks glinting in the dim light, saliva dripping between those fangs. The look of sheer orc savagery as his mighty straining cock rippled during eruption, those veins just popping from the tip, all the way up his obliques. The way he gripped her hair at that very moment. It was a full fistful, yanked her head back painfully without a shred of mercy. A momentary lapse of judgement. In the peak of his climax, any thoughts or manner of civility went completely out of the window, and Bloodmoon was no longer Bloodmoon the Gentleman Orc Bouncer of Club Vibrato. He was Bloodmoon the Throat Crusher of Orkon.

And it did not stop there. One other hand had her jaw in cruel and tight grip, basically squeezing her pouty lips wide open, so a nice stream of cum splattered right into her oral cavity. Bits just dribbling down the sides of her open mouth and that lolling tongue, adding to the mess of saliva and pre. More were splashed all over her face. Up her nostrils and into her eyes even. It was all in all, quite an unflattering shot for the Champion of Alithea. There was nothing dignified about having a money shot full of orc jizz. She looked like an utter slut enjoying a brutal oral. Or some poor helpless girl getting face fucked and bukkaked on.

That was just one of the many many moments that was happening in that instance.

The vicious hair pulling and jaw grip would be loosened. Bloodmoon would unload the rest of the contents of his ballsack deep down her throat, after a few more hard thrusts, before slowly allowing his ejaculation to subside while she cleaned him up. And by the time she was done? He was sparkly clean! While she was covered in his gunk like a filthy whore. Don't wipe it off bitch, because the orc likes to see his whore dirty. It was a traditional thing to do for him. Sort off, marking the slave as his by covering her from head to toe with his cum and stench.

He gave her a toothy grin at such a sight. And noticed how wet her snatch is from just getting her mouth used like a cocksleeve. The orc bent down and stuck some fingers up her pussy. "So wet boss? Let me take care of you!" And he practically dragged her to her feet, using those fingers still inside her, and then literally lifted her even off the ground! The orc was so strong! Of course, he wouldn't be carrying her solely with the fingers in her cunt. He had another arm for support but ouch! That was some deep fingering.

Sliucha would find her back against the orc's massive chest eventually, her legs folded against her, as she was slowly lowered down onto his cock...
Hands behind her back, so that all 'control' was in Bloodmoon's hands. The only involvement from Sliucha was her mouth, after all, everything else was up to the orc to dictate. So perhaps it was akin to the 'sex slave' sort of analogy, helping assert the orc's dominance in the current situation. Still, maybe Bloodmoon might have even preferred it if Sliucha had gotten involved - it was one thing to rape somebody's mouth, but having a willing suck slut was also fun too, right? Those hands could be gripping the orc's hips for leverage and helping force him down her throat. Or maybe affectionately fondling those nuts of his. But perhaps it was also easier for Bloodmoon to not have to pay attention to any of that, and just focus on fucking her face.

Who knew that sex could be such a dynamic thing?

Savage, brutish, vicious oral sex. And a cumshot truly worthy of the prowess of an orc! Of course, with Glamour, there was no such thing as an unflattering shot when it came to the Champion of Alithea. What was undignified about looking like an utter slut, after all? It was only appropriate for a Champion of Alithea, and if you asked Bloodmoon, he was probably quite pleased with the look of it. He was the one responsible, after all!

He wanted her to be his little cumslut? No problem! They'd keep her face all gunked up with his jizz, as long as he promised to properly hose down the rest of her too. Make her absolutely stink of orc seed, make her reek of his scent, mark his bitch as his territory! Spreading her legs for him, letting him finger that sopping wet twat of hers, Bloodmoon capable of feeling just how tight and snug those slick walls were squeezing around his digits. Sliucha giggled as she was lifted up in the air, settling back against the orc's chest, legs dangling on either side as Bloodmoon prepared to full-nelson her.

She hissed at the feeling of that broad cock-head spreading open the entrance to her cunt, giving her a nice stretch around his thick girth. "Fuck that pussy like you fucked my mouth! Don't you stop until you've gaped my snatch with your big, fat cock!"
True. As much as it was pleasurable to have an eager cock slut reciprocated the act of skullfuckery by slurping down eagerly on that massive spire of Orkon between those equally muscular legs, or suck on those pair of greenish salty hairy balls, there was something to be said about sexual pleasure derived not directly from physical acts, but by the psychological aspect of such? That elated feeling of sadistic gratification from the subjugation and control over another person, deemed no better than a mere sex object, spoils of war and raid, to be used and abused as he pleased.

Of course, those were just some examples of sexual fantasies from the very perverted and hardcore deviants yes?

Bloodmoon surely was just a connoisseur of rough sex with sadomasochistic themes. No way did he genuinely embellished actual rape and forced sexual slavery yes? Bloodmoon may be an orc, but he was Gentleman Orc!

"Shut Up Bitch!" came the ungentlemanly menacing growl, rumbling into the Champion of Alithea's ear. The orc's voice was deep, low, guttural, intimidating even, and very masculine? The type that embodied the values of power and dominance so oft associated with a commanding baritone voice.

The poor cumslut would feel a sharp pain as the savage orc yanked her hair again, gripping her tightly against his chest and belly as a means to keep her in place, even as another sharp pain shot through her, this time deep inside her pussy. No mercy indeed. Without bothering to allow her fuck canal to adjust to his girth, he had shoved the entire thing right to the hilt, balls deep, ending with a nice loud smack of flesh on flesh.

"Your lips is only good for slurping cock. So the only sound I want from your whore mouth is your moaning and begging, understand? Don't make me shove a gag down your cum drinker!" came Bloodmoon's icy command, as he once more withdrew, only to slam back inside her with so much force, those dangling legs would get tossed about like a clumsy rag doll. Along with those massive titties too. She'd feel the weight of her assets getting rocked by gravity, invisible forces yanking her milk jugs.

Usually a full-nelson would entail holding the recipient by the legs for stability and grip, but Bloodmoon was being cruel. And had deliberately let go off her legs to instead hold her up by the hair, with the rest of her weight supported by nothing more than his impressive length. More ouchies. Why was the usually Gentleman Orc being so rough this time? No Gentlemen made love like this. This was how savage demonic brutes fuck.

Another loud slap, and another, and another. SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK. Just like the so called blowjob, Bloodmoon went full on out at the get go. No foreplay. No build up. While this was no sex swing, she was literally being swung back and forth, held up by that sadistic hair grip as her sorry cunt was pounded raw. So long as Lady Boss did not mind the brutal and rather painful manner Bloodmoon was treating her, like she was no better than his personal cocksleeve. Well, she was definitely getting what she asked for, perhaps even more? More than bargained?
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