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Reference Media - Roleplaying and Storytelling

Below are assorted media (videos, games, books, etc) to give moderators and players some reference points, guidance, and suggestions for the process of roleplaying and creating stories! Suggestions are always welcome. :)

MediaTypeTarget AudienceReason
Forum Roleplaying BasicsWritten GuideBeginner PlayersA clear and comprehensive guide for new forum roleplayers
How Not to RoleplayInfographicPlayers and StorytellersExamples of bad roleplay habits and why they're harmful
Intermediate Roleplaying ResourcesWritten GuidesPlayers and StorytellersA list of written resources for experienced forum roleplayers
Game Masters GuideYouTube PlaylistStorytellersThough geared toward tabletop players, most of the moderating advice is useful for forum storytellers


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